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Monster Cocks at the Movies..Euroboyx...

Not an exaggeration here these three Brit Twinks have some Monster Cocks on display while watching a movie in this newest Euroboyxxx scene. Cody Reed (far left above) is one of my fav Brit Twinks he just has those “lust crazed bedroom eyes” and is one of the most popular bottoms in UK Porn! Monster Cocks at the Movies;scene 2 Joey [...]

Beach Bang;Evan Parker Drills Damien ...

San Diego’s Beaches make a beautiful backdrop for Evan Parker and Damien Wolfe This late arriving summer scene from Helix stokes my attention with one little item. SHOES! Okay I have a foot fetish sure but my thing for Converse is a life long devotion and Evan Parker keeps his grey Converse Chuck Taylor low tops on while fucking Damien [...]

Did You Hear That..Cock Virgins

Brett Cox and Andrew Doncaster Cock Virgins is the newest site yet from Pride Studios you know them better as Extra Big Dicks and Circle Jerk Boys they have 7 sites in all for one price. So THAT out of the way The BIG reason for this post is the emerging talent that is Andrew Doncaster! What a twock find he is! Did you Hear is just the second [...]

Kinky Dirty Threesome..Staxus

The Kinky side of this sexy new Staxus Three-way would be the way Arthur Kral sucks Jaro Stones dick clean every time he pulls out of Alan Benfelen! Hand it to Director John Smith he always makes sure the ass to mouth is so raunchy! Alan Benfelen is the fuck toy in this episode and gets well and hard fucked by Jaro and Arthur! A 5 star raunch [...]

Selfie Sluts Threeway..Euroboyxxx

James Lain is back in another Euroboyxxx Selfie Slut scene this time with Leo and Dylan. Why cant Euroboy provide last names for everyone? Selfie Sluts Threeway; Leo, Dylan and James Lain Leo, Dylan and James just can’t resist capturing this moment. These three hung, young Euro Twinks are about to embark on one of the hottest threesome [...]

Surprise Dessert:JT Stryder, Seamus O...

While Seamus O’Reilly is certainly no twink he is in fact a furry little otter by definition. So why is he on Next Door Twink? Well because of his humongous cock size and physical build Next Door was probably thinking this is a better fit than Next Door World. No matter Seamus is a red head who I am wild about and this pairing with JT [...]

Boyfriends and a Levi..Cockyboys Thre...

The second Cockyboys scene featuring boyfriends Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande is a hot pairing with versatile bottom Levi Karter. The physical attraction and contrasts between Levi,Jack and Lukas makes this a fun scene to watch. Real life Boyfriends sometimes work best only with each other but this couple certainly get off on the interaction w [...]

Yoga Thunder;Zac Stevens and Jessie M...

This 5 star torrid little flip fuck between Yoga enthusiast Zac Stevens and Helix Studios Golden Boy Jessie Montgomery snuck up on me! Meaning neither sneaky lad leaked a word of this to DeWayne despite my harping on Zac to do another Helix scene! And while I didnt think of this pairing I dont know why not! The chemistry and look the darkly h [...]

Scouts Part 3;Jimmy Fanz and Zac Stev...

Here is the Video Teaser for Scouts part 3 featuring Zac Stevens and Jimmy Fanz as the lumberjack who fucks him in the big woods. Sounds like a gay porn fantasy of Paul Bunyan! Horny scout Zac Stevens happens upon lumberjack Jimmy Fanz and gets his ass fucked! Standing up against a tree, Jimmy pounds Zac’s in the ass while Zac [...]
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