3’s a Party or is that a Semi-3Way? Guys In Sweatpants

Greyson Lane has just two scenes on Guys In Sweatpants but his BEST scene so far is 3’s a Party released this past weekend! Greyson Lane is a GiSP exclusive and new San Diego resident so we can expect a lot more from this amazing twock with the mesmerizing eyes.

The thing about Greyson we all love to Greyson Lanesee him get fucked especially by guys like Hoss Kado ,aka Jared on Sean Cody (many moons ago) Hoss (at right) with his shredded ripped maybe 1% body fat is one lean muscular fucking machine drilling into Greyson! The 3’s a Party comes when the Hoss KadoCameraman who of course is Austin Wild jumps in to make this a three-some!

Note, on Guys In Sweatpants Hoss Kado has previously been featured in a scorching four-some titled That Orgy Though released April 16th!

SO here is Greysons second scene with Hoss Kado released May 6th, with his boyish good looks, cute accent, and ability to take a dick, he’s quickly become a fan favorite! This time he gets the pleasure of playing with and getting fucked by Hoss’ nice and wide cock.

Since Hoss is a people pleaser, he spends a long time with his face buried in Greyson’s ass getting it nice and ready to fuck his brains out. There’s nothing hotter than a guy’s huge balls slapping your ass as he pounds away. In a hot turn of events, since cumming with a dick in your ass is always better, the cameraman jumps in a finishes things off… then blows his load on Greyson’s freshly fucked hole! Check this Guys In Sweatpants today!

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