Fellington’s Flip Fuck; Ashton Summers and Pheonix Fellington…Helix Studios

Tonight Exclusives Pheonix Fellington and Ashton Summers make Helix Studios history in this torrid 43 minute long flip-fuck that will end the summer season with one of the BEST Helix scenes all year! Detroit super stud Pheonix has never bottomed since his arrival at Helix and here he is magnificently paired with Latin SuperStar Ashton Summers who has shown he is one of the studios most versatile studs this year! A must SEE Helix Studios event perfect for this Labor Day Weekend sale at 40% off!

When two of the BIGGEST giants in the industry combine their pummeling powers, the result is one of the hottest flip fucks of the year! The two titans service one another with superstar treatment, and the fucktastic finale is nothing short of EXPLOSIVE! Let’s just say…… Ashton has impeccable aim!

Pheonix Fellington
Ashton Summers

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