A Message to Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kruezer

UPDATE 3; Sept 26th at Bottom:

We the Gay Blog Nation are the collective Bloggers who write about Gay Life, Media and yes Porn and for many of us, since Jan 24th the Demise of Cobra Videos Bryan Kocis. We have been plagued for much of this time by a small time grifter & stalker named Kent Barclay. Writing from various Public WiFi nodes in Massachusetts, Mr. Barclay has been publishing what he calls a Porn Blog for the last few years.

Of course since no one in Porno Land talks to Mr.Barclay more than once, most of the time we choose to ignore him. BlogFly’s (Gadfly) are best dismissed as they bring nothing substantive to any debate and since they Lie & fabricate most of what they write they have no credibility.

Think of a Blogfly like Damon as the D-List Weekly World News! Space baby’s and Elvis on Mars!

When Mr.Barclay’s actions drift into blatant illegality then he can no longer be ignored.

Mr.Barclay has forged and posted an email purported to be from Brent Corrigan to Damon Kreuzer. This is a blatant Forgery and is designed to intimidate and threaten Brent into giving Mr. Barclay an interview.

I contacted a Friend (former Federal Service) about todays Post from Barclay, here is his response.


DK used a computer internet service for this email sent as “Sean or Brent.” DK doesn’t have Sean’s express (in writing and signed in his legal name) permission to use Sean’s name or to act as his agent. That would be wire fraud.

DK has claimed the identity of another for the purpose of misleading and coercion, etc. Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan. That is identity theft.

Apparently, DK is attempting to intimidate a Prosecution witness in a criminal matter. He is interfering in an ongoing Federal investigation. Interference with official acts and witness intimidation. Fed law enforcement does not like the people they are working with being bothered by bastards and their friends and brothers!

DK appears to have a criminal scheme in the works and is dragging Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan’s image into promoting the scheme. Blackmail, intimidation, running a con/grifting.
If I were Sean, I would take a hard copy of the faked email to the nearest US Post Office and file a complaint with the US Postal Inspection Service and I would also file a complaint with the local US Secret Service branch stating wire fraud and identity theft.
DK should be very busy in interrogation say for a couple weeks, not to mention his computer will be confiscated and he will very likely be banned from Internet services as an upshot.

I should warn Mr.Barclay that legal action is Assured he may have failed to realize Mr.Lockhart is a witness in a Pennsylvania Murder case. Harassing a witness is Tampering of a Witness. That is a felony in all 50 states and in the Federal Judicial System.

I do believe Michael Melnicks patience in this case has run it’s course.

I of course stand ready to supply law enforcement with all material I have collected on Kent Barclay and I will be sure to supply the names and contact info for all the other Bloggers who have tracked & cataloged Barclay’s online criminal behavior.

It is about time the appropriate Federal Agency’s Arrest and charge Mr. Barclay for his callous, damaging criminal behavior. And his blatant Witness Tampering in the Murder Trial of Joe Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra.

Here is a link to the interview Tass at Porn Confidential had with Matthew Rush about Damon Kreuzer. Hilarious read!

UPDATE 2; September 20th: Damon responds on his blog insisting the email is from Brent Corrigan despite the numerous mistakes in the email. References to where DK “claims to live” (NYC)as opposed to where Damon actually lives (Mass). I assure you Brent Corrigan and Grant Roy are as capable of tracking visitors as I am and I (& they) know full well in what city and state Kent Barclay resides.

There are also numerous little idioms and words that Brent never uses. Crap instead of shit for instance. Brent is quite capable of swearing a blue streak if pissed and there is a total absence of such dialog here. The biggest clue to a Damon forgery is always the self promotion, as in Brent’s purported line “You’re a good talker and I liked the interviews we did last year,,,”

Right Damon I heard about your little interview and shakedown last year, the same tactic you use on everyone in the porn biz. Brent would not refer to you in ANY POSITIVE WAY!

Finally Brent would not give a flying fuck if you interviewed Chris Henriquiz but the FBI sure would, since Mr.Henriquiz is facing Multiple felony warrants! Yes Kent be sure to mix yourself up with this. Between dead Politico’s in Florida, mucking about with a Murder trial and intimidation of a witness I guess you don’t have enough Legal shit in your life.

Well I have News for you Mr. Barclay I received emails & calls today from people who are very interested in you and your online criminal activitys. I am happily obliging them with information and phone numbers of some of your favorite people.

Friendly People who have been tracking and Archiving your Activity’s for many years.

UPDATE 3; Sept 26th 2007:

Proving once again that Kent Barclay has a pathological need to interject himself into just about every case in Gay Pornoland, very Leonard Zelig, poor Kent felt the need to follow his blatant Brent Corrigan forgery with 2 letters from Joe and Harlow. While not forgery’s the letters once again played with Damons twisted sense of reality & need for self adulation.

We now learn that Harlow Cuadra has found Jesus and converted to being straight, most important Harlow admonishes Damon to “Choose the Lord Damon, don’t die a sin
ner” Filled with the same blatant Damon self-promotion as all his forgery’s is it any surprise Damon finds the letters to be credible?

Damon falls for the letters since he needs vindication for his May 14th interview with Harlow (which was really with Joe) but it’s his mindless, interference with a murder case in the process of discovery that makes one question Barclays sanity!
This quote proves my point,,

I believe these men are innocent based on new evidence brought to my attention by expert witnesses and a forensic specialist, and I will work from this point on for Harlow and Joe’s vindication, acquittal, and release at which time, I hope to accept Joe’s kind offers, and get to know the newly heterosexual Harlow on a far deeper level than present circumstances allow.

I do hope Kent Barclay realizes he will more than likely find himself hauled into court in Pennsylvania to present this new evidence! When he fails to do so, which is inevitable since he is lying, poor Mr. Barclay will be facing Obstruction of Justice charges! Good for us not so good for Mr.Barclay!

I mentioned Kent’s need to insert himself into EVEVY Story in Gay Pornoland as very Zelig like, Well I am reminded of this great quote from Woody Allens film.

[Zelig thinks he’s a psychiatrist.]
Leonard Zelig: I worked with Freud in Vienna. We broke over the concept of penis envy. Freud felt that it should be limited to women.

AHA! the secret to Kent Barclay’s online madness is PENIS ENVY and yes Freud WAS WRONG some men have it as well. Especially when the penis they have proves so inadequate!

Barclay’s zeal to trumpet his Joe & Harlow letter’s results in a major bungle on Kreuzer at Night, the exposure of Kent’s mail drop in Boston (a UPS store). He forgot to redact the barcode at the bottom of the letters and a couple of sharp readers ran the plus 4 zip and after a quick people search we have Mr.Barclays mail drop.

Since most people use a UPS store near where they live it is now safe to conclude Kent Barclay lives in central Boston and not Greenich Village! (seems Brent Corrigan was mistaken) Indeed this corresponds neatly with my IP info for Damon which indicates Cambridge Mass just north & across the Charles River.

I include a screen cap of the UPS store location and since I have a couple of friends in Boston I will see if I can get them to do a stake out here and maybe get a picture of the “camera shy Damon” its about time we get a good picture of this Blogfly!

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