About Me

That was my first blog bio written 2 years ago when I started blogging as DeWayne in SD, intending my blog to be one of many myriad personal blogs.

Having met and befriended one of the biggest names in Gay Porn I was inspired by the writing and personal introspection of one Brent Corrigan, underage then legitimate Gay Porn Star.

Blogging from the Armpit of Gay and Pop Culture,Gay Porn with A Fans Point of View,Politics,Tech,Sci Fi, …
and of course Always Anything and Everything in the Known Universe about Brent CorriganĀ©

His journey thru the fires of controversy,lawsuits,the collapse of his company,thievery by a fraudster,murder,sting operations,blogger dramas and theatrics and eventual arrest and trial of two pimping prostitutes in the murder of his ephebophile former boss.

All of which Brent not only survived but transcended sometimes thru sheer force of will!

What a journey the last three and a half years. Along the way I became surprise a porn blogger!

And for that I can thank Producer Grant Roy “DeWayne its good beer money!”

That it is! šŸ˜‰

About DeWayne

40 something Gay man,here for friends & networking.Lived in California most of my Life, but I am a Navy Brat so we all made the tour of Naval bases with Dad. I live in San Diego California One of the most beautiful City’s with the best Climate in the USA! Mountains,Desert,Beach, great natural beauty we are so fortunate to live in paradise (except for the EarthQuakes and occasional Giant WildFires!


Contact Info

ddhsd on Yahoo IM
dewayneinsd on Google Talk/AIM
ICQ 553308060


* Photography
* Books
* Books
* History
* Stamp collecting
* Collecting in general
* My Dvd collection oh yeah Gay Porn
* Music
* Running
* etc

Favorite Music

* All kind’s 80’s R.E.M
* U2
* Talking Heads
* B52’s 90’s Live
* Oasis
* Lots of Brit bands oh &; U2 2000+ ColdPlay
* U2
* Bright Eyes
* Green Day and I give too much to the Church of ITunes!

Favorite Movies

* LOR 1
* 2
* 3
* allĀ  X-men
* Spiderman 1
*Ā  Mrs. Henderson
* Mysterious Skin(Joseph Gordan Levitt!)Step into Liquid
* Latter Days
* Spokes 3
* The Velvet Mafia šŸ˜‰

Favorite Books

* Good Omens
* Harry Potter(ALL)
* Franklin and Churchill
* Nero’s Killing MachineThe 13 Legion
* The Tycoons
* A Density of Souls by Chris Rice
* Wonderbread and Ecstasy the story of Joey Stefano

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