All Natural;Noah White and Wyatt Walker…Helix Studios

All-Natural-003Noah White and country boy Wyatt Walker in All Natural Helix Studios newest scene are an absolute delight to watch! This is one strong scene with some very readily apparent sexual chemistry between these two. The lads start out with some playful oral in the park before moving into the bedroom for some hard pounding bareback sex! Not often you see a Twink Top like Wyatt who can dominate and powerfuck like he does here, Wyatt reminds me a of another Helix Twink Top Troy Ryan who demonstrated the same prowess! This is one of Noah Whites better scenes of late, very obvious the blond twink loved this session! Highly Recommended 5 Star Helix Studios Rutting!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

All-Natural-002There’s some heavy flirting going on at the park today between way big Wyatt Walker and cute, boy band-worthy Noah White! Enjoying their gorgeous youth climbing trees horse playing in the park, the sexual tension gets the best of them. White can’t take it and wraps his arms around Wyatt for a hot make out session!

Wyatt feels Noah’s nasty bits getting bigger and can no longer control himself! Dropping to his knees right there in the public park, he deep throats the dude balls deep! The too cute twink tweaks his nipples while Wyatt works his wang. Naturally they need to take the action indoors before being arrested! Wyatt’s red hot boy briefs can hardly contain his massive meat. The colossal cock flops out and nasty boy Noah is there waiting with a hungry wet mouth.

The big boy flips Noah around, spits in his tight hole and crams his giant right inside, raw as raw can be! Noah can’t get enough, reaching back to pull Wyatt and his whopper deeper inside. As an added bonus, we hear the big balls slapping White’s perfect ass as he moans and begs for more.

Wyatt flips Noah like a burger once more so we can see him tug his rock hard twink torpedo while Wyatt wraps his hands around the kids neck in a super hot love choke! The brings Noah to the brink and he bangs out an especially nasty nut causing Walker to do the same. Using two hands, Wyatt wanks out a wicked wad, creaming all over the boy’s pretty pucker! Perfect! Check this Helix Studios scene today!


All-Natural-017All-Natural-018All-Natural-020All-Natural-023All-Natural-025All-Natural-026All-Natural-031 All-Natural-033All-Natural-034Toe Curling always a good sign of a well plugged bottom!



  1. I agree that this was a completely enjoyable scene. I hadn’t seen Noah in a while………….I think the last time was on Chaturbate with his Brother several weeks ago. Noah is on the edge of being a one-of-a-kind model, with the looks, mannerisms and the moves of a true professional; I totally love watching him.

    Wyatt is a beautifully handsome boy-next-door type that I enjoy more and more every time I see him. Maybe it’s his rural-raised demeanor that makes him so attractive, but all 3 of his scenes were good. He conducts himself properly and confidently and leaves me yearning to see him in more scenes, even though I accept that with the onset of spring he will probably be back working in the woods.

  2. How does Noah manage to be one of the sexiest models at Helix? He doesn’t have the ripped body, perfect abs, or big cock. He does have a charming personality, a boy-next-door-cute face, beautiful skin (smooth in all the right places), and a bubbly twink ass.

    But I think it’s in his enthusiasm in the scenes. Next to Kyle Ross, I can’t think of a bottom who’s more dominant in his scenes than Noah, and who enjoys them more. Up until a few moments there at the end when Wyatt goes into the power fuck, the entire scene feels like Noah seducing Wyatt into fucking him exactly like Noah wants it. He’s vocal not in a 70’s porn movie way, but in a gleeful, “I can’t believe how amazing this feels!” kind of way. His smiles, his moans, all feel genuine, like he just LOVES fucking, and isn’t “too cool” to pretend otherwise.

    He has real star quality, something that’s harder to find in a model than a great set of abs or a huge cock.

  3. Noah when he is into the guy is the best in porn he cant fake it he has to want the guy then like Scott says he seduces his partner. Sexy LITTLE Blonds rule!

    Wyatt is a hottie that rural look background makes him one to watch he has no city boi fakeness this is real sex!

  4. Speaking of Noah, DeWayne, please tell me you’re going to review the new Helix 41-minute masterpiece of Noah, sexy-as-hell Sean Ford, and huge-dicked-and-knows-how-to-use-it Corbin Colby! Nearly every minute Corbin or Sean’s cock isn’t in Noah’s hole, Corbin’s face is, and he makes a delicious meal of it. Plus, the guys never take their hands off each other–Noah and Sean definitely need another scene together–their fuck in the tent in “Lifeguards” clearly wasn’t enough for them, or us!

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