Anticipation;Corey Marshall Tops Leo Frost…Helix Studios

Released tonight new Helix Studios Stud Corey Marshall gets his turn topping everyone’s (okay MINE) favorite bottom of 2018 Leo Frost!

Corey Marshall and Leo Frost have only been dating a bit, but both have that fantastic fire of erotic excitement that builds in your belly when you REALLY like a boy. As the guys prepare before their date, pretty twink Leo Frost gets a hair cut while perfectly chiseled muscle guy Marshall makes sure he looks his best.

The golden boy even tries on different underwear making sure his meaty package looks like the prime piece of raunchy real estate it is. The minute our juicy jock arrives at Leo’s place, the young men are drawn together like magnets. Leo’s lust takes over and he pulls Corey’s carefully selected shirt off to get at the gorgeous goods. The twink kisses Marshall’s model perfect torso on his way to the jock’s cock, stopping to make his mouth comfortable while sucking Marshall’s smooth, long schlong.

Corey pulls the dirty blond’s shirt off then tosses the twink on the bed and rips off his undies to down the dude’s dick. Lust bunny Leo isn’t shy and lets Corey know he’d like that sweet ass eaten. Marshall lifts the boy’s legs up and goes ham on the smooth little hole before Frost NEEDS a fucking. Marshall stands up on the bed to get in line with his flexible fuck who already has his feet over his face on the headboard!

Corey slips his bare cock in the kid’s can and plunges that pure muscle deep inside Frost’s fuck hole. After an eyeful of the jock’s smooth muscle mutt banging bone, the boy’s switch it up and our top let’s Leo take control.

The peaches and cream cock jockey rides the raw rig like a pro while kissing his king. Corey gets back behind our beautiful bottom so the pretty pair can take advantage of the big bedroom mirror. Frost gets fucked ferociously while they watch themselves and we are treated to delicious double dick vision!

Leo pushes his pretty pink pucker back at his guy then launches a load while watching his wang spit white hot wads. Corey pulls out and fills Frost’s fuck hole with funk. Leo smiles as he watches Marshall cream pie his happy hole then push his piece back in deep. Through a hot kiss, he tells Corey he’s glad he came over. We are too Leo, we are too….Join Helix Studios Today!

Check out Corey Marshall and Leo Frost on Helix Studios!


  1. Leo got his Young butt pounded by Corey. I love how Helix starts out with 2 young sensitive models getting ready for each another.
    This is the perfect way Helix is one of the top Gay Adult companies.

  2. What a great scene! I confess that my Leo-crush may have something to do with my normally unbiased opinion, but I also think this was my favorite Corey Marshall scene. And these young men are magnificently shaved, trimmed and, as is usually the case, brutally handsome. As is true with some of the models, Leo and Corey could have sat on the bed and read the Bible and I’d have been thrilled beyond words. This is a scene worth watching over and over.

    And it’s time to once again heap the accolades upon Casey and Alex and the other behind -the -cameras technicians that make these scenes so heart-warming. These are the best of the best. Thanks Helix.

  3. Corey Marshall has become a top stud with me after Logan Cross and now Leo Frost two of the most needy and satisfying bottoms at Helix I cant wait to see him do Cole Claire!!!! Kyle Ross

    Helix seems to be morphing into a site with something for everyone Studs,Jocks,Twinks

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