Antonio Cervone and Cy RAW…Chaosmen

Long time Chaosmen members will remember Cy who has had a very sporadic number of appearances on the Austin site dating all the way back to 2012! Cy dives into super bottom Antonio Cervone who is usually at his best with the straight acting guys and Cy fits that description, his entire vibe is super straight.

Another blast from the past!

After moving to a major city, Cy sent some updated images eager to do some porn. He had been living out of reach for many years, and now that he was in striking distance, he thought he would get back in to it. He used to do massage therapy, but I didn’t want to do a massage table scene. So, he starts by using some oil on Antonio, concentrating on his ass. He also took full advantage of Antonio’s special cock-sucking skills.

After Cy sucks on Antonio’s cock, he flips him over and fucks Antonio on his stomach. They still used the oil. There was so much lube, his hairy cock slid right in.
Cy continues to fuck Antonio until Antonio blows his load. Next, Cy shoots a GIANT load all over Antonio’s hole. It is a ton of cum, and he uses his cockhead to scoop up all that jiz and plow it into Antonio’s hole!

Talk about cum dripping! Check this Chaosmen today!

Video Preview

Check this Chaosman today!


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