Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter…Cockyboys


Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter are an inspired pairing today on this late summer Cockyboys flip-fuck! Latin hottie Ashton has 11 scenes on Cockyboys with this release so you have plenty to check out! Jack Hunter has always been a favorite even if I prefer his bareback content at Next Door Studios. But intense condom scenes and Cockyboys has some of the best, remind us its all about the sexual chemistry and attraction!

Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter had followed each other on Twitter for a long time, hoping for a scene and fantasizing about it. When they meet they’re full of mutual compliments PLUS they’re both want a flip-fuck. Perfect! They kiss slowly as Ashton slips out of his clothes and his steel boner pops up while his sculpted muscles flex effortlessly. Jack takes Ashton’s cock in his mouth and relishes every inch giving Ashton breathless pleasure. He’s eager to give Jack the same pleasure and doesn’t hold back telling Jack how much he enjoys it.

Ashton switches his focus to Jack’s ass to eat him out, probe him, tease him with his cock and let him what is crystal clear, “I wanna fuck you so bad.” Yet he asks Jack first before sliding in to fuck him on all fours on the sofa. With boundless energy Ashton fucks Jack deep and hard, often holding him tighter to get in deeper and harder. He tops Jack flat on the sofa and goes faster, finding the spot inside that makes Jack moan, “yeah, just like that”. Ashton concentrates all his fucking power in his hips and cock even as they switch positions and Jack rides on top of him.

They switch roles wordlessly as Ashton turns over and Jack immediately plunges his cock into his muscular ass. Ashton’s boner stands at attention as Jack fucks him and he loves it so much he uses his hips again to fuck his hole on Jack’s cock. Jack moves to rim Ashton as he lies on his back and then resumes fucking him, nearly face to face again.

Jack keeps pumping until nearly without warning a moaning Ashton erupts in a thick load over his impossibly sculpted abs. Jack pulls out cums over Ashton’s abs to, their cum joining up. They linger with Jack licking Ashton’s torso and kissing him with a hint of cum. This is what happens when fantasies come true.

Check out Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter today on Cockyboys!

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  1. HOT Flip-Flop with two HOT guys. I love both Ashton and Jack!

  2. I love Ashton Summers. What a gorgeous, perfect body! Why is it his hair looks so much better in recently-released stills of upcoming Helix scene with Joey Mills than in most of his scenes with other studios, like this one? Do they just have a better studio hair stylist? I know, there’s so much else to study on Ashton, why worry about his hair? I hope he does more work with Helix–I hope you review that scene with Joey when it comes out on Sept. 7, DeWayne.

  3. Bill good to hear from you my ole friend 😉

    I knew you would be happy to see Ashton at Helix after the year at CB, we all fell hard for Ashton at Randy Blue.

    Scott I have marked it in my calendar! Most highly anticipated scene at Helix this year!

    And yes so perceptive Helix does indeed send their models to a pro stylist for the basic hairstyle then the staff at the studio is very capable of “maintaining the look”

    I see some of the boys when they are between shoots, Some twinks can grow a beard faster than you might think. The exclusives tend to shoot every 4 to 6 weeks and just wait to get a haircut when they are in San Diego.

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