Ball Play; Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason…Helix Studios / Lifeguards on DVD

ball-play-004New Helix Exclsuive Chandler Mason has one of his best most intense scenes with who else Blake Mitchell in Ball Play on Helix Studios! This scene is all about sexy fun from the soccer ball play at the beginning (both guys show experience) to the playful tickling ball-play-012introduction in the bedroom.

They are both very sweaty too from the park and I am happy they left that in the video! Some great oral dick sucking gets both guys hard and Chandler abruptly climbs right on top of Blakes 9 inches and begins riding hard,grinding away and impressing me with his champion donkey dick riding skills!

Blake is unleashed here and when he feels like he wont hurt a bottom boy with that huge cock he will power-stroke as hard as they can handle it. Take it he does, Chandler never lets on that this is too much and takes Blake full bore on his side, a standing fuck and finally on his back where Blake just lays into Chandler with a punishing hard fucking. You know what he is experiencing because Chandler is vocal and breathing hard! This is a Highly Recommended Helix Studios pairing!

I will call it right now Chandler Mason, welcome to the inner circle of super bottom boys at Helix Studios. Now I am thinking a dream match up for the next 6 man orgy? Three of Helix Hardest Biggest tops taking on the three best bottoms!

Tops? My pick’s are Blake,Colton James and Corbin Colby! Bottoms? Chandler,Joey Mills and Grayson Lange!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Note; Lifeguards the DVD was released tonight with 5 full scenes and Behind the Scenes footage order your copy today! Check at the bottom of this post!

We love boys playing with balls here at Helix Studios. We ALSO love athletes! Bring the two together and you’ve got a bonetastic, ball slapping bang-fest! Ultra attractive athletes Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason are ball-play-021working up a sweat on the soccer field bangin’ their balls around.

In a bit of a different way, they continue that theme once inside! Starting with a tickle fight/wrestling match, their muscles ripple and flex as the guys suck salty sweat from each other’s ripe off the field bodies. The sweet smell of young man sweat nearly cums off the screen as Blake gobbles Chandler’s ball bat sized boner. He also makes sure to give good attention to his bat’s balls.

Being good teammates, the guys take turns tasting each other’s hotdogs before Blake decides to go for the goal. Chandler plants his tight tush right down on Blake’s big condom free cock and it is THE best seat in the house. Seeing Chandler jack his giant piece with Blake’s big dick hitting home is heavenly. Pound for pound, both boys are heavy hitters and there is just a TON of cock between them. These two are definitely the perfect dream team! GOAL!!!

Play Ball today, Join Helix studios!


Screen Captures


Lifeguards on DVD


Follow the lives of a group of lifeguards and their friends as they party and play on the beaches of Southern California. Sweaty summertime sex outside, inside and even in a jeep on the beach! These smooth swimmers just can’t keep their hands to themselves. It all culminates with a sea of tan twinks and brawny jocks waxing each-other’s surfboards at a scorching hot end-of-summer orgy. Salty sweet and beautifully bronzed, the lifeguards do much more than give mouth to mouth in this big boner filled blockbuster!


  1. Wow, Blake has a huge cock and all the bottoms at Helix are going to enjoy it.

  2. Most of them have already, although not bare, like his more recent scenes. I just wish that big cock didn’t come with so much “cockiness” in his attitude. Maybe that’s just the way that goes.

  3. The new boy I was not to sure I would like him maybe it was his first 2 scenes. Something happened here he just turned into a moaning needy bottom. One of the hottest in the past month at Helix. I hope to see more like this one with Chandler and Blake is so much hotter now that he is shooting raw, that cock is too purty for a rubber!

  4. I did love the sweaty glow of both guys in this scene–outstanding lighting and camera work! And I’m not sure Blake has ever looked more pumped, especially in his arms.

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