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Cole Claire and Cameron Parks are two cute and popular new Helix Studios performers who are real life roommates. They would make great characters for a wild and raunchy xxx rated Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-004sitcom. Imagine The Odd Couple remade for 2017!

So here is the plot scenario, Cole Claire the Texas born stoner twink a published writer, who once shot 2 scenes for BoyCrush,breaks up with his porn-star boy friend Zach Taylor. Cole with bong will travel jumps in his truck and drives to San Diego from Texas. The plan is to live and do cam shows for San Diego Cam house Dudeboxxx all summer until he gets a job or Helix notices him.

DB2P0xUXsAELp4u.jpg largeCameron Parks a Key West Florida Chaturbate cammer, breaks up with his boyfriend and applies to do porn at Wes and JeremyHelix Studios. But wait Cameron’s EX BF also makes an application to Helix and gets hired first! That would be blond twock Jeremy Price! (at right with Wes Campbell) So what is Cameron to do since he wants to get hired by Helix too?

The studio hesitates on Cameron’s application…worried no doubt haven’t we had this exact same scenario play out before? Yes indeed Evan Parker applied in 2012 was accepted, made his Helix debut as a mega talent and a month later Casey Tanner who was Evans ex boyfriend at their Ohio High School (where they were Prom-Kings) also applies to Helix with his then current squeeze Sean Cody model Conner Kline!

C81_1bPUMAA36sH.jpg largeSo back to Cameron, our Florida boy makes a ballsy go for broke move straight out of well a TV Sitcom, he packs up and drives across the USA in his car arriving just before San Diego Pride and the big WTF/Helix Studios party. Cameron gets admitted to the party (he must have worked some magic mojo there because he is under 21 and wasn’t on the list)

Anyway this porn blogger notices Cameron standing by a table drink in hand and we lock eyes. Just about the same time Keith Helix Studio’s owner walks over next to me and asks. “Who is that tall blond starring at us?” I shouted “Oh that’s Cameron Price, Jeremy’s EX BF who drove 2600miles from Florida to attend this party!” Keith laughed and replied “lets meet him!”

So within the hour Cameron is in the VIP area with all the Helix models including Cole Claire who also showed up later that night.

Austin Wildes Pool Party

Austin Wildes Pool Party

By the end of Pride weekend Cameron and Cole were at several Pride Partys doing some major networking! Within another week they were getting tested, hired and shooting porn at Helix. Two weeks later they had an apartment in San Diego together.

Cameron,Kurt Summers and Cole

Cameron,Kurt Summers and Cole

Cameron also gets a studio job as PA to Producer/Directors Casey and Alex Roman!

Now this week after shooting nearly a dozen scenes between them in their first month they chose the appropriate adorable doggy to adopt. Cam and Cole are now the perfect Helix Studios Twink couple, except they are just roommates and polar opposites nothing romantic going on at all! The New Odd Couple!

Sound implausible for a SitCom remake? Well everything I wrote above is true and real life! I am not even sure Cole Claire could have come up with this crazy scenario for a script.

This weekends pairing Below Deck is the first and only time that I know Cole and Cameron actually do a video together having sex. Its a great scene and with all the back story of these two “characters” I think you will agree these two are great additions to the Helix Family! The sex is scorching with some real chemistry between these two so you need to take my word for it. Both Cole and Cameron have told me separately they are..just roommates.

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Ultra Twink cuties Cole Claire and Cameron Parks are on a boner inducing boat ride. Flirting hard, Cameron asks Cole if he’s ever been DEEP sea fishing and “caught a big one?” Cole takes the hint and soon these sexy seamen are grabbing for cock in a cozy cabin below deck! If he hasn’t before, Cole has certainly caught himself a big one in Cameron’s colossal cock.

Parks pulls the pretty boy deep down on his dick by the back of his neck, then pushes the kid onto the cabin’s bed to get at Cole’s golden attributes. This boy is blessed front to back with the perfect amount of juicy meat and Parks pleases himself and his big catch by eating well at each end. With cole on all fours, Parks plows the boy’s beautiful butt bareback and our boy loves every amazing inch.

Through moans and whimpers of pure pleasure, Cole clings to the mattress, bracing himself as Cam crashes cock inside. Our perfect bottom rearranges spread eagle, he looks back at Cameron as he rides his rod, his own dick bouncing for your viewing pleasure. Cole bites his full lips as his cock stretches to full mast and releases today’s catch of hot cum. Still caressing Cole’s smooth skin, Parker blasts his boy’s balls with a hefty haul. Cum whore Claire gives the cock another sticky lick before planting one more kiss on his new cabin buddy’s warm mouth


Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-038Don’t Miss Cole Claire and Cameron Parks today on Helix Studios!



  1. Thank you so much. I was a mod on Cam’s CB room before he went to San Diego. He moves really fast, but I must have missed the plot line. All I knew was that he was going to manage a store in NY or NJ. I knew he had broken up with Jeremy, but looking at the Helix pictures on twitter, it seemed they were getting along, which made me happy. I had kind of gotten to like Cam and was rooting for him to be happy. I also had been following Cole on CB with Zach. They had broken up once before, so the second one wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but I felt bad for both of them. They are really good performers and here we go again, I wanted them to be happy. So thank you so much for filling in the blanks.

  2. Fascinating story Dewayne. I knew all about Cole he has been thinking about Helix for the past year it seems the breakup with Zach had to happen first.

    Cameron is an exciting new twink who fascinates he seems so chill and reserved so watching him really come alive in a sex scene is a big turn on!

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