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img_3381Benjamin Blue is one of my favorite Cockyboys of the past 6 months and this paring with new Cocky model Cory Kane packs a lot of sexual heat and chemistry into the scene. Kudo’s to Cory’s and Benjamins oral skills, plus this is a flip-fuck the best kind of scene!

img_3232This week, CockyBoys released a hot new scene with Twocks Benjamin Blue and Cory Kane. Both Benjamin and Cory are mischievous, sexy guys who enjoy using body language when it comes to having some one on one fun. Nonverbal communication is the best way to show your partner how much give and take you want and need.

So Benjamin and Cory get right into action with multiple positions that hit every angle. There seems no end to the fun especially when it’s time to flip and give more. This is the kind of fall afternoon activity these two are really good at. We can’t wait for more!!!

Cockyboys adds…

Benjamin Blue has a few lessons to teach Cory Kane and not all of them include French. Sometimes the language of love is better felt than heard and Benjamin is eager to teach his new pupil just how much he can give and take.

With a wink and a coy smirk, Benjamin shows Cory that he can take all of his massive girth in his willing mouth and Cory eagerly returns the favor,img_3402 rimming him for added enjoyment. Things take a steamy turn when Cory invites Benjamin to join him on the bed and into his mouth. Cory’s intense blowjob skills quickly lead an invitation to ride Benjamin’s cock, much to both of their pleasure. The sexual tension builds into new positions until Cory takes Benjamin from behind.

Their chemistry escalates as Cory fills Benjamin’s willing hole and the sheets become twisted in his hands as he is left breathless on the bed, face contorted with ecstasy. But Cory isn’t done yet and he flips Benjamin over to power into him with his full length.

When Benjamin can no longer contain his excitement, he grips his own cock while being filled completely by Cory, and shoots his load over his own toned stomach, adding to Cory’s excitement as he powers into Benjamin. It isn’t long before Cory can no longer contain himself and he unleashes an impressive cum shot to Benjamin’s stomach before they both collapse breathless in passionate kisses.

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Cory Kane and Benjamin Blue


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