Big City Threeway! Ben Masters Blake Mitchell and Max Carter…Helix Studios


The Big City here is New York City at the first Str8UpGayPorn Awards with Helix Studios performers Blake Mitchell (Award winner Best Supporting Actor) Max Carter and Ben Masters with Award winners Evan Parker,Tyler Hill,(Best Porn Power Couple) Kyle Ross and Noah White featured in the Behind the Scenes footage from NYC. You will notice from the start new model Ben Masters is hanging out with the Helix boys during the show and afterwards at the party’s. I am not sure when the decision was made to shoot a rare scene on locations was made. Might have been the obvious attraction at work here or just a spontaneous spur of the moment call.

Ben Masters makes his Helix debut here and what a scene and event to make a first impression! Ben is a 21 year old ballet dancer from Malibu California who lives DEQn_ayU0AEVoAbin New York City. How promising is this newbie? He is here in San Diego for his second shoot at Helix during this high profile San Diego Pride week!

Sex; 4 1 half stars black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

Join our Helix family at the “Str8 Up Gay Porn Awards” where your favorite studio cleaned UP! Helix and our boys kicked ass, winning several awards and we figured what better way to celebrate than have our winners get together for a super hot three way! Fresh from the ceremony and still high off their well deserved wins, Blake Mitchell, Max Carter and Ben Masters bring their revved up rods back to the hotel to congratulate one another in this ball slapping, ass banging, winners only three way.

With no inhibitions and cocky winner’s confidence, the boys show us why they earned their place in porn history. They give every award winning hole and pole hot, wet bareback attention. Be part of the celebration as our cameras capture every inch while Max Carter has his hand held making sure you get every delicious dick dripping angle. It’s our hot sticky thank you for making Helix and our boys BIG winners.

Check this on location Threeway introducing Ben Masters today on Helix Studios!

Opening video montage.

Big-City-Threeway-015Big-City-Threeway-017Big-City-Threeway-030Big-City-Threeway-033 Big-City-Threeway-037Join Helix Studios today!



  1. I suspected that this scene would be memorable and made sure I had the time to sit down and appreciate the content. I was not disappointed. Excellent work. The videography, editing…………….everything made this a winner. Sadly, it looks like Casey didn’t get to make the trip, but someone had to watch the shop, I guess. Again, thanks to all the guys; another Helix, solid platinum production.

  2. ………….or, maybe Casey WAS there…………………..???????????

  3. not sure who shot the wide footage it might have been Casey I will ask him Tuesday.

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