Blond Builder Bjorn Nykvist gets his ass Hammered by Rudy Stone…Staxus Raw

One of the best Staxus of late but then this scene is Jock on Twink and Bjorn Nykvist is the blond who gets fucked hard by Rudy Stone on of the more sexually exciting jocks Staxus has featured. While I might have been ready to say I am OVER the building/construction themes at Staxus this one works because you soon forget what they are fucking on! Might not have been comfortable for Bjorn but he was sure fun to watch!

Like many a gay man, STAXUS favorite, Bjorn Nykvist, is a horny dreamer.

For this aspiring builder-boy, however, it seems that dreams can always become a reality – something that becomes all too apparent when handsome stud, Rudy Stone, suddenly appears in the middle of a very sweaty workout.

It’s a total unbridled fantasy, of course – made all the more apparent by the fact that the newbie promptly abandons his exercises in favour of energetically smooching Nykvist’s face off! – but who the fuck’s complaining? Least of all when both lads quickly get their cocks out of their shorts and start feasting on all the rampant flesh on offer like hard work doesn’t matter anymore. Indeed, we’ve a distinct feeling that most fans will be seriously fapping away by the time these buddies are 69-ing on top of a bag of cement; before Stone turns his keen eye to blond boy’s all-too-eager fuck-hole.

That, of course, signals the start of the second half of proceedings, as Nykvist gets bundled over the sacks and has every inch of his workmate’s delicious schlong stuffed into his arse – a move that sends the horned-up bottom into serious overdrive. In fact you get the serious impression that Nykvist really can’t get enough of dick at this point – and absolutely no wonder!

Stone plowss into the lad’s pucker like a man possessed, leaving the sweet, hairless hole gaping in appreciation; and it should be no surprise that our hero is soon squirting his wad in all directions. A glorious crescendo that’s surely only eclipsed by the sight of Nykvist’s face getting whitewashed moments later!

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