Book Tour Score;Blake Mitchell and Dylan Hayes on Helix Studios

Dylan Hayes at left and Blake Mitchell

Book Tour Score the new Helix Studios scene starring Helix Exclusive Studly do Right Blake Mitchell and the newest Exclusive Dylan Hayes who moved from Twink studio 8Teenboy after just two scenes for the twink studio! Watch this scene and you will realize just why this was a necessary lateral move to the big studio! Dylan is a super bottom who not only can handle the biggest and best he personally went after a scene with Blake Mitchell!

These two roomed together the weekend of the shoot which coincided with the release of the Blake Mitchell inspired “His Own Way Out” by Taylor Saracen. I was in Las Vegas that weekend and noticed first hand the obvious chemistry and attraction between Blake and Dylan. So I was expecting a 5 star scene and Book Store Score delivers! Directed by Alex Roman Scripted by Taylor Saracen whose book “His Own Way Out” is available at Barnes and Noble and

Blake Mitchell’s book “His Own Way Out” has just been released and he’s on tour in support of the tell all at book stores across the nation. Every stop is special as Mr. Mitchell loves interacting with his fans and one in particular definitely catches Blake’s eye.

Dylan Hayes lays his book down to be signed and all Blake can say is “wow!” The boy IS absolutely beautiful with his thick, full lips and tight, tan body. This kid gets an autograph AND an invitation to the after party! After wading through the glamour and gorgeous guys supporting Blake’s book, the boys find the one private area and Dylan’s dick dream becomes a raunchy reality!

Blake sucks on those big, beautiful lips before Dylan travels south for a gorgeous groupie gag-a-thon on his dream guy’s gargantuan groin. Dylan deep throats Mitchell’s massive member completely and even licks his fantasy fuck’s funk filled balls. Blake pulls pretty boy up off his knees and spins him around to discover the dude’s super smooth bubble butt was absolutely built for fucking! He slides his spit slick, fat phallus in fanboy’s fuck hole with ease.

Blake goes above and beyond, taking the kid on a rollercoaster ride with surprise schlong slamming speeds that keep the cock anticipation exciting AF! He slows down to a sultry slide then slowly picks the plunging pace back up till the room fills with a fuck smack that literally sounds like a runaway train, and THAT’S all before they take their pants from around their ankles!

Once on the bed it’s full steam ahead as Hayes hammers his heavenly hiney down on Mr. thick dick’s uncut rig while spreading his smooth, firm and meaty cheeks apart to accept every inch of Mitchell’s mighty appendage. Once on his back, Blake gives Dylan the dominant dick delivery Mr. Mitchell has become famous for, love choke included. Blake breathing quickens and you can tell he’s getting ready to bust!

He pulls out and unloads his all over Dylan’s deliciously smooth flesh and the white hot load looks luscious covering the tan twink. The boys fall asleep in each other’s arms and we’re treated to the special surprise of a two for one-morning after conclusion where Mitchell cums from Hayes masterful hummer! It seems THIS groupie is definitely growing on Mr. Mitchell. Join Helix Studios today at up to 40% Off with the End of Summer sale!

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  1. I’m sure this is everyones dream to meet Bake,

  2. It’s taken a few days for me to collect my thoughts on this scene. I did not see it coming. Blake came thru with his usual, totally excellent performance that I’m speechless to even try to quantify. And, from all appearances, Dylan, who tends to leave me breathless (something not easily done) was so into having Blake pay him the ultimate compliment that taking the time to ejaculate wasn’t considered. That ultimate compliment of having Blake’s impressive member buried deep inside him for the better part of 44 minutes then slathering him with his creamy seed without cumming was understandable.

    My thanks to Blake and Dylan and my heartfelt appreciation to Casey and Alex and the rest of the artisans I couldn’t see.

  3. Wow! I was worried from some of the stills that the “artistic” lighting would make it hard to see the action, but in this case, I was wrong. The close-ups that showed Blake’s cock in Dylan’s mouth, ass, and the next morning, mouth again, were well-lit and crystal clear. I loved the urgency of the fuck, with penetration coming before the 9-minute mark. I also loved the way Dylan licked and sucked Blake’s balls in between swallowing his cock. Dylan may have one of the best asses at Helix, almost in Tyler Hill’s league, although Tyler’s hole is a bit more perfect. A surprisingly good scene. I do wish there’d been a creampie, though. Also, I’m afraid if Blake lost his glasses completely he’d look too perfect, as he did in the sleeping/cuddling moments in the morning.

  4. I am with you Scott I always worry the artistic lighting in the photos might be in the video 😉 I dont mind how creative Alex is with the opening segment but as the action ramps up you really want to see it all without having to strain. The photos are nice though and since they are shot first separately from the video I see why they look different and they experiment more.

    Dylan I think everyone knew was a extra special find. It was a lot of fun watching Blake and Dylans interactions that weekend.

    No one has said for sure but Blake has contacts since the spring and he has been seen publicly more and more sans glasses. I think we might see him in a porn scene without glasses soon.

    I agree Blake is so incredibly handsome almost perfect without the glasses. Once he was talking to me without them on and I felt like I was watching Christopher Reeve in the 2nd Superman film when as Clark Kent he slipped the glasses off and wanted to “come out” to Lois then quickly put them back on.

    Blake has those same Reeve facial features! He transforms personality when they are gone. Someone said on twitter his glasses give a perfect man a very human flaw that makes Blake Mitchell a man the audience identifies with. He is an everyman with the glasses,without them he is SUPERMAN a demi-god.

  5. Everyman Dewayne? Ordinary guy with a 9inch cock? okay wish i was that size!!! Agree though glasses make him human not perfect

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