Boxing Buddy; Jack Ganley, Vitali Kutcher…Staxus

Vitali Kutcher getting fucked above has some of the highest ratings for a new Staxus Twink with just one scene. This Jock on Twink pairing sure makes an impression, Vitali is one intense Twink! Kudos to athletic top Jack Ganley one of the most promising new Twocks at Staxus.

hot-fight-03Boxers are “real” men, as everyone knows, so it should perhaps come as little surprise to anyone that would-be prize champion Jack Ganley has never so much as kissed another guy in his life. Even so, he seems to take exception to catching his buddy, Vitali Kutcher, doing exactly that with another lad. Could it be that there’s something of a jealous reasoning to his objection? Needless to say it’s not long before the fellow is quickly abandoning such a bigoted mindset – taking full advantage of his sweet-faced mate, as the two lads undertake a definite first for STAXUS by smooching in a moving elevator!

It’s certainly a very adventurous presentation even for a director as imaginative as John Smith; and a hot-fight-05subsequent descent whilst Kutcher kneels down to give Ganley a blow-job only adds to the dramatic tension.

Moments later and the two lads are eagerly stumbling into their apartment; at which point proceedings take on an arguably more conservative line, with Ganley feasting away on his young mate’s dick, before turning his keen attention to Kutcher’s hairless little pucker.

Cue some dextrous probing of the beaut’s tight hole, which (unsurprisingly) soon results in the handsome screen virgin being energetically impaled on the generous length of Ganley’s ramrod.

That signals the start of a terrific, cum-inducing escapade that witnesses Kutcher taking every inch like a pro, and which includes him riding his pal reverse-cowboy style for maximum penetration. All of which quickly results in both lads rupturing some magnificent streams of hot spunk for your pleasure! Check this Staxus today!

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