BoyCrush Studios pre-order for “Raw 2”

Twink porn like all Gay Porn is getting a harder,kinkier edge and BoyCrush Studios has noticed that trend with sales of several harder edge videos like Nightmare on Twink Street and last years Raw. With Boy Crush exclusive Kyler Moss fascinated with his BDS&M side I suspect he was the real impetus behind the sequel Raw2 announced Friday.


Boycrush Studios – Raw 2

From Boy Crush…

Phoenix, AZ – Sequels are often cursed with never living up to their predecessors, but BoyCrush Studios have put together a second installment worthy of the first: Raw 2. When the twink studio filmed the first parody in this series last year, they took their boys to unexplored kinky places. This time around, the welts are longer lasting, as Andy Kay and Bryan Kenny direct five all-star twinks in even more hardcore, kinky bareback action.

Miles Pride reprises his role from the first Raw film as he finds himself chained to the wall of an abandoned warehouse. He’s not alone, though, BoyCrush exclusive and prince of the kinky-twinks, Kyler Moss, finds himself in a similar predicament.

Chase Harding is the twisted boy behind the mask and his villainous scheme to force these boys to commit depraved sexual acts results in hot and sticky fetish content. The androgynous Roxy Red and big-dicked Preston Andrews round out the cast as they too indulge in acts of bondage and menacing sex toys.

“BoyCrush is usually pretty vanilla, but Raw 2 gave me the chance to show off how kinky I really am,” says rising twink star Kyler Moss, “I’m hoping we make a third, because I want more!” Andy Kay feels the earlier Saw films were landmarks in modern horror film-making, “our spin on it includes stuff that won’t ever be released on the web but definitely adds to the realism of the movie itself.” Recycling mainstream movie ideas or creating brand new concepts is a never-ending process for a creative director like Andy, who believes, “this DVD is a milestone for us as a company.”

The presale for Raw 2 begins Friday, September 16th and the DVDs will ship by October 1st; plenty of time for porn fans who enjoy something festive around Halloween. BoyCrush exclusive and Raw 2 star, Kyler Moss, will also ink the first 50 copies of the DVD sold through the BoyCrush store!

I love seeing Kyler Moss in restraints! 😈

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Raw2 Available now on the Boy Crush Store!

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Best deal $49.95 for 3 Months

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