Breakin’ In Ep 1;Brad Chase,Sean Ford…Helix Studios

breakin-in-scene-one-003Tonight a special Friday update as Helix Studios releases the long awaited scene 1 from Breakin’ In directed by Dominic Pacfico starring Helix exclusives Brad Chase and Sean Ford! filmed in Las Vegas this past August, Breakin’In was shot in 4K UHD and with today’s release this is the first action scene available for download in 4K UHD to premium Helix Studios members.


breakin-in-scene-one-016Future episodes will feature Helix favorites Lukas Grande,Zach Taylor,Logan Cross and Blake Mitchell. If you are an avid Social media follower then yes this is THAT movie! What happened in Vegas certainly did not stay in Vegas when Stud Top Blake Mitchell and “bad boi” Sean Ford were revealed to be having sex off set as much as for the camera!

That of course was an August Twitter made for the tabloids dramafest which featured then Mitchell Boyfriend Casey Tanner blasting all on his Twitter and in the Porn Blogs. I will revisit that contretemps when Blake and Sean’s scene is released!

Sean Ford tops Brad Chase here which is a welcome reminder Sean is fully versatile and he showed in Lifeguards with Noah White he is a very strong satisfying top! Brad seems to lap up that Ford cock likes its a Creamsicle from the Good Humor man! Of course thats just to get Sean rock hard and ready for the deep dicking Brad is cravin!

Sex; 4 1 half stars black
Video; 4 1 half stars black

Director Dominic Pacifico’s “Breakin’ In” is absolutely yummy! In scene one succulent Sean Ford and breakin-in-scene-one-019bronze beauty Brad Chase bring the bedroom of the house these young hooligans have vandalized to a boil!

Making sure their other buddies wont hear, the two hole up in a beautiful bedroom and quickly get to work…on each other! Their mouths are like magnets in one of the hottest make-out sessions of the year.

Brad’s palate needs some penis and he goes IN on Sean’s cock, savoring every inch with an arched back so his buddy can get at his goods. Taking the hint, Ford tongue fucks his friend’s fanny with fearless fervor. Brad’s beautifully smooth, perfectly round ass is just begging to be fucked. Mr. Ford drives right in bare back, making Brad’s toes curl with carnal pleasure. Sean’s perfect bubble butt flexes and shines, looking more beautiful with every hard thrust.

He gets Brad in some fantastically open positions we didn’t even know he could get into! The kid is flexible! With his flawless fuck me face, Brad explodes like an open fire hydrant on a hot summer day nearly hitting his own open mouth. Knowing this cute cupcake deserves a delicious cream pie, Sean ices the kids cake in a frosty cumalicious good finale’!

Don’t miss Breakin’In the first Helix Studios duo scene available for 4K UHD Download!


breakin-in-scene-one-018 breakin-in-scene-one-022 breakin-in-scene-one-023breakin-in-scene-one-027breakin-in-scene-one-026breakin-in-scene-one-030 breakin-in-scene-one-032 breakin-in-scene-one-035 breakin-in-scene-one-036 breakin-in-scene-one-034Dive into Brad Chase only on Helix Studios today!



  1. I loved the scene, watching it 3 times.

  2. Cant wait for that Blake Sean scene though 😉

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