Brian Jovovich and Yannick Modine Parts 1 and 2 now on Bel Ami / ST Patrick’s Day Sale

Bryan Jovovich is a Bel Ami veteran with over 40 scenes dating back to 2013 while Yannick Modine had just a handful of scenes in 2014. This two part flip fuck (something Bel Ami is known for, splitting a flip scene into two parts) caught my eye because well Yannick I remember, he is gorgeous! I had no real expectations this would be as good a pairing as it turns out to be. So a real unexpected surprise here and highly recommended 4.5 stars with absolute sublime Bel Ami videography and two sensual beautiful golden jocks! Take advantage of the St Patrick’s Day sale continuing all weekend with 2 for price of 1 offers!

This week we have a little bit of an unusual pairing for a flip flop scene. Relying on first impressions we all thought that this would be a scene where Brian is fucking Yannick, but it turns out that we start off with Yannick fucking Brian, with the boys reversing roles in Pt 2. Our opening here is also a bit of a surprise. Gentle and tender, erotic and loving as the 2 guys wake up together to gentle caresses and intimate close-ups of this most sensual morning ritual. The scene continues with the same feeling throughout with Brian being a slightly more dominant bottom, guiding Yannick to satisfy all of his morning needs and helping him to 2 great orgasms.

Video Preview

Images from part 1 Yannick tops Brian

Images from Part 2 Brian tops Yannick

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