Bryce and Cameron..Bare Twinks


Sexy nerdy new Boy Crush Twink Cameron Hilander made his action debut with Bryce Christiansen in this past weekends new BareTwinks. This scene is a strong debut for Cameron who tops gorgeous Bryce and had me thinking now this is the BoyCrush I remember! Highly recommended BareTwinks and follow the lads on their Twitters (Blue name links above) The BoyCrush boys do not get nearly the attention of the Helix boys and we do need to pay attention we are seeing some really good twinks at BoyCrush again!

So how was the scene? 5 stars for sex with Cameron fucking a moaning then whimpering Bryce like a twink who hasn’t had sex in a month! Cameron hits that’s G spot and they both are seen chewing on each others necks like sex starved twinks! Videography is a big step up with more full body shots of the action and fewer of those annoying LONG extreme closeups, one of the best this year at BareTwinks!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

This is a perfect pairing if ever we’ve seen one! Brand new twink boys Bryce and Cameron couldn’t wait to get their cocks out for each other, they were making out before we even started rolling the cameras! The boys are hungry for cock, as you’ll see, but it’s the far fucking that really impresses us. These boys are so young but they know how to fuck. Bryce takes that big bare dick expertly, cumming with his friend sliding in and out hard, then quickly on Cameron’s cock ready to taste his erupting cum load! Boys these days know a lot more than I did when I was that young!

Video Preview

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Screen Captures (Yes that means I liked this!)


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