Cabin Fever;Joey Mills and Ashton Summers…Helix Studios

The most highly anticipated Helix Studios scene in my long memory Cabin Fever starring Joey Mills and Ashton Summers premieres tonight!

1.They are the new power couple at Helix
2.I am gonna be busy for awhile
3.More later!

Twink super star Joey Mills is holed up in a cabin in the woods with super sexy Ashton Summers. With no one around for miles and no tv, the boys take advantage of the privacy and get pervy! It’s clear jailbait Joey wants all Ashton has to offer, which is a whole lotta dick, AND the skills to tame the twink with it! Joey has been eyeing Summer’s schlong all day and when when he finally does get his mouth on that perfect piece of meat, Mills makes a meal out of it.

Joey is doing his best work, and Ashton is impressed with the boy’s skills AND his titanic twink torpedo! Ashton goes IN, devouring every thick inch of Mills massive member before lifting the boys butt in the air and tongue fucking his smooth hole. Our hunk walks joey up the stairs, bends his boy over the banister and breaks in the back door bareback with his big bronze boner.

Ashton fucks like a champion, salting the rim with his pre-cum then blasting in balls deep. He places Joey’s leg up on the banister and gets to ball slapping as our bottom’s big cock sways. Back on the bed, Joey jumps for joy on Ashton’s uncut appendage while the stud spreads his cheeks and kisses the kid deep and passionately. Summers slams schlong up in him as Joey’s junk thumps against the lusty latin’s torso, nearly reaching all the way up his chest.

Summers perfect body shines as he picks his boy up to flip him over. He fucks Mills manhole while planted firmly standing, completely ransacking the kids behind. Joey’s giant is at it’s breaking point, he fires his liquid fuck with Ashton still lodged deep in his loins. Summers is about to blow but before he does he swoops Joey up with one hand and keep cranking his cock with the other, he perfectly positions his pistol to fire it’s white hot heat on the kid’s flawless face. He gives our gorgeous boy a facial then scoops up the spunk and shoves it in Mill’s mouth. Then, he shoves his cock back in there too so Joey can keep his taste on his tongue.

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  1. Well, honestly, I don’t know what to say. Joey and Ashton pulled a heart-stopper off with that one. I don’t know a lot about Ashton; incredibly attractive guy, that’s for sure and I’ll be watching him more closely. He really did a great job with this.

    As usual Joey just left me with dry eyeballs——-I don’t think I blinked in half an hour. I opened the Helix site after checking others; email, credit card, mail order shipping, etc, etc, for a reason: Joey Mills had a scene on Helix. As mentioned before, I’ve been viewing and critiquing gay porn for over a half century, from the consumer’s point of view and I can’t remember, offhand, any young man turning out performances with his level of intensity, focus, eroticism and unparalleled lack of inhibition. My serious hope is to some day shake his hand and thank him for his efforts.

    Everything else, technically speaking, was top-notch; video, lighting, angles, sound………….all of it, and those guys we couldn’t see or had a responsibility for this; Keith, Casey, Alex……………..Et al, .you guys brightened up the day for us:-)

  2. Ashton is one of the most gorgeous men in all of the industry today, and Joey is one of the best new Helix performers in the past year or so (who is still working there). I liked this scene, but it made me want to see more with Ashton and other Helix performers.

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