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Blond Wes Campbell is all kinds of aggressive in this standout Helix Studios where he twinkhandles Danny Nelson in his 5th Helix scene!One thing we have all noticed is Danny likes being choked while getting fucked, his scene with Blake Mitchell comes to mind. This 21 year old (he doesn’t look it) is also very loud and into being a good bottom boy for any hot top who can give him what he craves! Check Danny out today on Helix Studios!

Wes Campbell is one hot pretty boy, so pretty in fact that one might expect him to be somewhat submissive. Looks are DEFINITELY deceiving Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-012when he’s paired here with super sexy  twink Danny Nelson. Campbell owns Danny’s dick from the start. Nasty young Nelson reciprocates, choking on Campbell’s cock down to the balls.

The camera catches Danny’s smooth ass arched in the air, spread, hot and hungry. Abercrombie (excuse me Disney Kid) Campbell orders his boy to turn around and shove that smooth tight, tasty twink booty in his face. Wes works the kids hole, finger by finger, preparing the young prince’s pucker for a bareback buggering. Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-020

Wes is an amazing versatile Helix hottie, but here he REALLY shines as an amazing top, for the boy AND for your viewing pleasure. He shoves every inch of schlong inside, then works his way out slowly util Danny begs for him to put that dick back in. Campbell keeps his hand on Nelson’s neck while he pounds ass as the camera catches a gorgeous long glimpse of Campbell’s beautiful bubble butt working overtime.

Wes gets bottom boy in a dirty doggy, plants a wet kiss on the kid’s full lips then fucks him savagely till nasty Nelson’s cock spits all over the bed. Putting the cherry on top of this dirty dessert, Campbell covers Danny’s dick sucker with a hot load. Apparently, this sexy bottom is hungry as fuck cause he eats every last delicious drop of Campbell’s cock.

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Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-021 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-022Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-023 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-025Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-027 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-026 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-028Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-035 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-038 Wes-Campbell-and-Danny-Nelson-037Join Helix Studios today!


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  1. Just plain excellent! I’m on the verge of over-using superlatives like “stunningly erotic” and “smoking hot”, but frankly I don’t care. This was one of those scenes that kept my eyes glued and unblinking for fear of missing something. Wes is one of those models that not only turns heads but leaves a wake of melted hearts every time he performs. And, Danny is one of the boy-next-door type models that I can’t get enough of. That slender body and wonderful smile brighten up the morning. Put them together and you have a scene like this of mega-eroticism. Also, my thanks to Casey and Alex and all of the other guys I couldn’t see that made this a magnificent way to start the day:-)

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