Charlie Bogard and Shane Sanders…Bel Ami


Charlie Bogard is a popular Czech model that seems to have found a place at Bel Ami for his aggressive yet natural style of fucking. Charlie has this sensual half lidded stare he uses to great effect that seems to make the bottom boy’s melt and drop to their knees. Shane Sanders is one the newer younger models found on the new Twink centric he displays some impressive oral skills here before Charlie gives him that infamous thick shaft! This is one of the best Bogard scenes yet and is a Highly Recommended Bel Ami!

One good thing about sharing a house is that you also get to share a bathroom, and with our boys, being naked around each other is always an excuse to be able to get it on. Today it is Charlie Bogard having a bath when newbie, Shane Sanders comes in to undertake his morning rituals. It does not take long though for those rituals to evolve to include jumping in the bath with Charlie and then letting him fuck you with his lovely thick cock. Check BelAmi today for up to 30% off memberships now with 3 XXX Bareback updates a week and a total of 7 updates total per week.



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