Colton James Manhandles Chandler Mason..Helix Studios

hx117_scene45_1600-1479500381chandler-handler-001Chandler Handler is what Helix Studios titles this new rough and hard pounding that Chicago hottie Chandler Mason gets from Cowboy Stud Colton James! I must admit I have been thoroughly enjoying the intense dickings we have seen Chandler take since he arrived back in September! I can say the same for Colton who has been one of the best new tops since hmm Blake Mitchell in Ball Play? Go on compare the two scenes! 😛 

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

chandler-handler-015Chandler Mason and Colton James compliment each other’s juicy good looks so well they’re like perfectly matched bookends. With similar body types and equal levels of sexiness these two could be kissing cousins and we would not complain. Colton gets vocal with some deliciously devious dirty talk as he fucks Chandler’s mouth.

Mr. James eggs his buddy on, making him give all he’s got as Chandler chokes on his big battering ram. As a reward for being such a good little cock sucker, he spits on Mason’s manhood before ripping his chandler-handler-024pants off and throwing his legs in the air. Nothing is more honest than when Chandler says “I need that cock.” He does…. Bad. Colton is happy to fulfill that need. This bad boy goes in bare back, and immediately bangs away.

He keeps Chandler in control with one hand on his throat and the other on his dick. Bottom boy’s eyes glaze over in complete servitude and pure pleasure. In a slight balance of power Chandler climbs on top for a rough ride but Colton reminds him who’s in change with a little love choke.

Hard as a rock and looking like a missile, Chandler begs for his top to go harder making him let loose the love juice. Colton blows all up in Mason’s manhole then spreads his cheeks to take a peek. This is Perfection.

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  1. 2 Helix scenes back to back ? How many do they post in a week now?
    Chandler got a pounding and a hickey I thinks several this was hard and fast luv it!

    Was not sure I would care for Colton and his straight tude but he is growing on me.

    When will we get to see Chandler top again? Helix says he is versatile.

  2. 4 weekly with occasional 5th. When that happens that bumps either a Staxus or Boy Crush scene or sometimes one of the “Classics”

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