County Fair Flipfuck…Helix Studios

The Twink King Kyle Ross and everyone’s favorite skater/stoner Joey Mills in a flip fuck? This is a most requested scene by a lot of Helix Studios members! Shot during a trip to the San Diego County Fair and then back in the ole bedroom you might be asking yourself why has Helix Studios waited so long to pair these two? Well County-Fair-Flipfuck-001part of the answer no doubt Kyle and Joey were in last summers Lifeguards (Best Picture at the 1st StraightUpGayPorn Awards) in the finale Orgy scene!

Duo’s are best and member favorites though and this flip-fuck has the intensity Kyle and Joey are known for. This is by rough count Kyle Ross’s 77 scene since his November 2011 debut and pairing with Joey Mills who I fully expect to have as lengthy a porn career is a personal favorite!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

After a fun romantic date at the San Diego County Fair, the only thing that could be better for twink superstars Joey Mills and KyleCounty-Fair-Flipfuck-009 Ross is a sizzling hot, flip flop fuckathon! After all, turnabout is fair play. Like any red blooded bone hound should, Ross takes reins servicing Mills legendary monster the minute the pair get some pervy privacy. Joey’s gifts go beyond that gargantuan groin, his tight ass is pretty inviting too.

Ross rims the smooth center before plunging his raw cock inside and ramming the boy like the strong man at the fair. Reaching around Mills neck to get a good grip, Kyle pummels his pole deep before inviting Joey to jump on for a ride. Switching it up Kyle climbs on Mill’s dick; after all, the boys agreed to go dutch on this date. He takes a second as his hole is stretched to accommodate all Mills has to offer before jumping for joy on Joey’s giant.

Mills gets his blond bottom on his back and takes the kid on every ride in the park with that perfect piece of meat. Kyle calls out to be fucked hard so our boy brings the hammer DOWN causing Kyle’s super soaker to take the safety off. Joey ends this day at the fair by filling Ross’s rump with a white hot load, and they both definitely deserve a prize for this win.

County-Fair-Flipfuck-009County-Fair-Flipfuck-013County-Fair-Flipfuck-015County-Fair-Flipfuck-020County-Fair-Flipfuck-019County-Fair-Flipfuck-022 County-Fair-Flipfuck-023 County-Fair-Flipfuck-024County-Fair-Flipfuck-025 County-Fair-Flipfuck-026 County-Fair-Flipfuck-027 County-Fair-Flipfuck-028 County-Fair-Flipfuck-029 County-Fair-Flipfuck-030County-Fair-Flipfuck-031 County-Fair-Flipfuck-032County-Fair-Flipfuck-035 County-Fair-Flipfuck-036 County-Fair-Flipfuck-037Check Country Fair Flip-Fuck Today on Helix Studios!



  1. This was really excellent and the kind of scene I’ve come to expect from Helix. I can find muscles and mats of body hair in other places, but like I’ve mentioned before, Helix is the superstore for the best in young male eroticism. Kyle has proven himself as an apex performer in all aspects of his trade, in front of and behind the camera, and in the administrative end. Also, I am quick to mention that he’s a nice guy. Joey’s ability and stunning beauty have captured a following of true aficionados that hasn’t been equaled in a long time; he’s a natural in all respects and when a scene involving Joey Mills appears on radar it’s accepted that it will be great.

    The technical aspects; camerawork, sound, editing, etcetera, as always, make a Helix subscription THE one to have:-)

  2. Helix continues to produce high quality content, the models look gorgeous in the starting fun scenes and continue to have passionate sex in the bedroom,
    Kyle is continuing to make the best of his career.

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