DexxJones writes about Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kreuzer

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DexxJones writes about Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kreuzer

When I came on the scene, Kent was a legendary stalker, having already victimized Jason Curious, and countless porn models, and as we later discovered, porn producers and directors as well.

I had signed former Chi Chi La Rue/Dirk Yates/All Worlds star Mason Jarr and put out a press release. for a (at the time) tiny company, signing a “name” such as Mason’s was a big deal. especially since i, had “new mogul syndrome” and was absolutely obnoxious in all my regal splendor, LOL. Mark Adams I can hear you laughing thru my CLOSED WINDOW.

During this period, Kent saw my press release on Mark Adams’ site and stole the story, posting a bastardized version of my logo to boot.

I only found out because an earlier version of the truth squad (who had already been variously victimized by Kent and included at least one certifiable psycho porn star) bombarded me with warning email. some of it was instructive and nice, and some of it was insulting and mean. one was threatening. if I allowed Kent (damon) to report on my company, I would be blacklisted and much worse.

I then visited Kent’s site, saw it to be ugly as sin, but to my self-involved, casual eye, looked like a grassroots porn news site. also, he said nice things about my site and company.

I wrote the truth squad back and said that I didn’t imagine how they would expect me to stop a guy from reporting my news. i saw no problem with it and told them to leave me out of their fight.

I also wrote back the model that threatened me and told him to get fucked.

in the meantime, Kent sent me an email which said, basically “these people hate me, they want to silence me, I dont ask you to get involved, just keep an open mind”

so to me, Kent was saying, please stay out of it, and the others were saying “do what we say or fuck you”

so of course my royal sensibilities were offended and I began a escalation of first hostile obstinacy and then outright, in your face rottenness to them. one thing led to another and the next thing, Kent was working on a brand new site I had created, more to say fuck you to the truth squad than anything else.

I really believed that if Kent was given a good-looking site on a stable server, with studio support and the rest of my company (which by this time was 50+ people strong) he would compete with the “haters” and at the very least help expand my company.

it was a catastrophe and i pulled the plug after many painful months.

by this time, i had bought “” at auction, had yet another idiot model named anthony holloway (a notorious gossip who also got me the infamous david forest tape which is a story for another day,lol) under contract Anthony wanted to run the remains of zonedk.)

anthony flamed out within weeks, tass stepped in to help me clean up the mess, we closed zonedk, opened pornconfidential and now, a few years later, here we all are. tass now owns porn confidential and i am less than a fan of kent barclay. i made peace with most of the truth squadders and sent one packing (a great untold porn story, by the way- how this guy was vanquished is somethig i would KILL to be able to tell here)

if i hadnt stepped in when i had, kent barclay would have been done for, at least for the better part of a year. he would be obscure and forgotten. he brought little to the table, and tried to suck the very oxygen out of the room.

the worst thing i did was give kent an air of credibility that he had never had before. one studio who had never let him use their images, tried to send me a cease and desist letter and my lawyer told them to get fucked. so kent was alloweed to continue using their images, and in fact they began sending us stuff.

the problem was that kent could never actually run the site. it took too many people to keep the thing afloat as kent continued to submit mostly hateful crap with a few really good news stories (links to real reporting) mixed in.

also, instead of driving traffic, all of the traffic came from sites i already either owned or managed.

all the while, he was harrassing chichi, david, falcon, matt rush, and on and on. ther was some guy with a fratboy site in florida, i still dont know that story, in fake email and a secret “newsletter” that i knew nothing about.

by this time i was running miami studios’ online stuff and store and did NOT want those beautiful photos and ads up against kent’s bitch fests.

also, my inhouse production guy too offense at having HIS beautiful work anywhere near kent.

and finally, since he couldnt get a real internet connnection (we had a tech ready to do it since he first pretended that his building was too complicated for the wiring) and lied about the computer he had (we would have gotten him a good one) kent was unable to see my video streams and was unable to review miami’s dvds for us.

so really he was dead weight. and loud, obnoxious dead weight. one of these days i will post a typical company meeting from that time. its clear that kent brought nothing but misery to the equation and drove everybody mad.

anyhow, throughout it all, through deception and using the credentials of others, kent managed to make contact with various people from the industry. some ignore him completely, some humor him, but nobody i have ever met, spoken to or emailed with ever considered him a peer or even part of the industry. not one and i had some contact or other with most of the studios and players.

If you write, for instance, an email or letter to a Chi Chi or a Micheal Lucas, you will probably get a response. if you make a pain of yourself you will get a response and they might remember your name.

Damon takes this to mean he is a peer. he fits no definition of peer. he takes a press release that goes out to thousands of sites and pretends that it was some great news story he broke or that somebody leaked to him. ask a Kevin Clarke or a Mark Adams about Damon/Kent and you will not hear “peer” in their response.

Kent produces no product, generates no money (or revenue for others) and does not effect fans or attention. he cant drive traffic or create buzz and can, in fact scare a new model out of the business before the model has his first shoot. he’s poison. some dont say it because they dont want to deal with his nonsense, but some will scream it if you ask them.

20 unique hits a day is what Kent gets in an industry where a modestly successful site can get 25,000 uniques on a slow day.

Kent uses the cheapest hosting plan that godaddy has to offer. a real news site would never be able to reside on such a server where there are a thousans other sites sharing the same space.

Ok I am deep into the weeds here. bottom line? just because he mentions their names or gets his hands on a press release. just because chichi, LOLOL, was nice enough (or had a sense of humor enough- you decide) to send Kent an invitation to one of her parties (she CALLED the rest of us) doesnt mean he is in any way accepted.

Jason Curious, for instance, who is hardly aloof and hard to get in touch with doesn’t even READ Kent’s email. he deletes it sight unseen. many people do.

does that about sum it up?

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