Dick Dream Flip Fuck;Joey Mills and Ryan Bailey…Helix Studios

Ryan Bailey and Joey Mills in a flip-fuck makes this Helix Studios a must watch scene! Ryan Bailey started his Helix porn career just two months before 2 year veteran Exclusive Joey Mills yet this is just his 13th scene and the his first released since September 2017. Ryan will only shoot during summer when he is on break from College. Dick Dream is Joey Mills 45th scene for those who are counting and what a scene to remind everyone why Joey is one of the biggest Superstars at Helix Studios with over 133,000 Twitter followers!

Ryan Bailey wakes a sleeping Joey Mills then asks what he was dreaming about. Much to Ryan’s delight Joey says, “you.” From then on it’s pedal to the medal porn perfection! The two twink titans of titanic tube steaks tickle one another’s tonsils with their gigantic tally whackers. Both guys groin gobbling game is strong as they down one another’s dicks balls deep. Mills is on all fours with a mouthful of meat when Bailey spies his smooth booty.

He spanks the Joey’s can then spreads the cheeks, teasing his tight push with a finger before Mills spins around to offer him full access. Ryan plants pretty face deep inside Joey’s junk, wrapping his sexy, sinewy arms around the boy’s butt to plow his tight little pucker with a thrusting tongue. Ryan sounds sexy as fuck when asking Mills, “you want this dick.” There’s absolutely nothing Joey wants more at this point than Ryan’s 9 inches!

He gets on his back and throws his legs in the air as Bailey spits on his hand and slides that slicked up schlong inside his ass. Ryan rams rod hard and fast before taking a sensual moment to slide in and out slowly while the perfect pair lock lips in a lusty mid-fuck make out. He picks the pace back up while annihilating Joey’s ass from the back, bringing his hips fully forward to force that thick dick all the way in. Joey spins around and sits back on the couch with a hard cock as an invitation. Ryan gets the hint and hops on the huge hog still hard as hell.

Bailey then bounces his peaches and cream caboose on Mills monster sized member while cranking his own colossal cock just inches from Mills’ watering mouth. Joey orders the beautiful boy up onto his feat so he’s able fit more of that thick dick inside his ass and it instantly pushes Bailey’s load to the surface. He sits back allowing his weight to push Mills’ peen deeper into him while he tugs his tripod. He milks his perfect piece till it pours a thick, raunchy river of fresh cream down his thick dick.

Joey takes over for him halfway through, wanking the kid’s cock with a thirsty, wide open mouth. Ryan’s rager throbbing in his hand causes Joey’s jock to explode! He blasts Bailey and HIMSELF with a wild load of sweet semen. Ryan stays straddling the sexpot for one more romantic kiss as their fresh fuck loads warm their loins underneath.

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The Flip

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