Earn It;Caleb Gray and Tristan Adler…8Teenboy

This is another very good and intense 8Teenboy and the main reason for that? Tristan Adler and Caleb Gray, two of the best on 8Teenboy,they are playful,impishly sensual and readily dive into each other! Tristan goes down on Calebs almost painfully hard cock then lubes up the boys butt with his tongue, When Tristan goes to fuck its with Calebs pants still around his ankles which is always a fav with me and apparently Director Max Carter! When the pants do come off thats when Caleb makes his move behind Adler and slips him that hard cock. The finish with Trisatan fucking Caleb side by side until Gray busts hard with at least six ropes of jizz which makes Tristan amp it up and he pulls out busting all over Caleb before pushing back in! Oh Yeah THIS is a HOT ONE! Highly Recommended 8Teenboy!
Sex; 4 1 half stars black
Video; 4 1 half stars black

Tristan Adler seems like the schoolboy angel when he comes by to help bad boy Caleb Gray with his home work. True to form, naughty Caleb was hoping to just copy Adler’s paper and not put in work; however, Adler has other ideas.

He makes Gray put in PLENTY of work on his dick and Caleb definitely deserves a gold star for this groin gagger! Adler isn’t above putting in work of his own and soon enough he’s bent over with Gray’s gorgeous groin stuffed down his gullet!

Caleb’s red hot undies are up against his big cum filled balls SUPER tight, making them look like they might explode with a hot load any second while Tristan wales on his wang with a wet mouth. Adler isn’t done servicing his after school buddy by a long shot. He throws Caleb’s legs in the air and keeps his pants around his ankles which creates a cock stiffening pseudo bondage moment.

Then, the homework hottie tongues Caleb’s caboose for all he’s worth. Adler slaps the kid’s can with his hand, then his cock before plunging his big bareback beast deep into his study buddy’s horned up hole. After some severe smashing, Adler is ready for a raw ramming too and Gray gives it to him gloriously! The fine ass fuckers flip once more and Caleb gets dicked on his side.

Max’s famous cock-cam catches the hard hammering ass action while Gray makes sure to spank his sizable schlong in fucktastic full view. His pace quickens while telling Tristan to go harder. The naughty boy NAILS himself right on his own chin with a big blast of boner butter…. and the hits just keep on cumming! Adler is next to explode and he makes it count, glazing Gray’s freshly fucked fanny with a white hot load for the PERFECT cream pie finale! As if it couldn’t get any hotter, Adler crams his still creaming cock back up his buddy’s butt, plants a hot kiss on him and caresses the kid’s cum soaked torso.

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  1. What an enjoyable scene in all respects! The acting just gets better and better and Tristan and Caleb seriously got into incredibly intense sex, and Max got the angles and close-up shots to perfection. The crowning point of this work of art was the Boys’ focus and drive toward the end with Caleb taking Tristan balls-deep with rapid, hammer-like thrusts that resulted in Caleb’s stunning unload of seed, followed shortly by Tristan’s pulling out and draining his pent-up cream then re-entering Caleb, once again clear to his scrotum.

    This was done with tenderness, eroticism and classiness befitting only the best of the best, which they certainly are. Thanks Tristan, Caleb, Max and 8TeenBoy.

  2. I love this video of Caleb and Tristan, and it’s one of their best and you can tell they have chemistry, and God hmm the oral/Rimming was very hot, and the fucking as well 😀

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