Elder Xanders and Elder Garrett Chapter 9…MormonBoyz;

I have been planning on adding MormonBoyz to my affiliate’s for sometime, I was a bit apprehensive because of my own religious (fundamentalist & Evangelical) background. My feeling has always been keep religion out of porn all together. I have subscribed to MormonBoyz before however and no one does dad on jock(or twink) porn better! The story-lines are involved and realistic I knew enough Mormons growing up to understand what is going on here. I had an amusing thought editing this post, I once was trained by the Baptists to evangelize real life Mormon Boys so why not now engage in another kind of proselytizing?

Sharp viewers of Twink Porn will no doubt recognize Elder Xanders above right in the second photo, he is currently a BoyCrush model but his start in porn was here at MormonBoys. He has over 7 scenes to date, I dont think you will find a hotter twink on the site although Elder Stewart remains a favorite. Elder Garrett is the blond twock who convinced me to re-subscribe to MormonBoyz, he is a very intensely sexual new “Elder” thats him kissing Xander at left.

MormonBoyz may not be a site that you care for but you should check them out, The sex is scorching,the dads are indeed hot and full of lustful perverted authority over their young “boyz”. The care and professionalism that goes into the videos here with videography,scripting and the casting of the lads who are recruited is top notch!

Elder Garrett and Elder Xanders know their purpose is to satisfy the men of the Order. With each test of their submission, it gets harder and harder to predict what will be expected of them, but they’re determined to meet the Brethren’s dark demands. This time around, nothing short of complete obedience will do. Brothers Strang and Erying have called these boys in to be their playthings, to suck and fuck as they see fit…

Check the MormonBoyz out today!

Check out MormonBoyz today!


  1. “You will not find a hotter twink on the site”? Are you counting Elder Sorensen, aka Cockyboys’ “Peter Pounder”? Because he’s definitely the hottest twink on the Mormonboyz site, although I don’t know if he’s still doing scenes for them. I find the whole religious angle a bit creepy, and I’d rather see hot young men with other hot young men and not much older, bigger bearded guys, but Sorenson was worth putting up with all that just to admire his beautiful face and sculpted twink/twunk body, especially when he got to top the other young men in a few scenes.

  2. well I never thought of Peter Pounder AKA Elder Sorenson as a twink Scott. I know many would place him in the category he seemed to hit MormonBoyz as a fully formed Twock/jock to me. My perceptions of Peter his bisexuality and his maturity that affected my labeling him a jock over twink. Maybe its a state of mind as well as physicality?

  3. You’re right, his body is too muscled to call a twink. I guess I was thinking that the site considered all the young “Elders” to be twinks, especially those without chest hair. And he certainly has a cute face, one that would fit right in at a certain San Diego studio we both know and love (hint, hint!)

    I just found another scene of his, for a new studio called “FamilyDick” (the scene is called “Daddy’s Friend”, and he is not credited at all, as far as I can tell). It reminded me of the Mormonboyz scenes in that he’s used by an older guy, although the MB scenes are better filmed. I wonder when it was made? He’s slightly less ripped than he is now, so I hope it was before his MB run. Peter has the looks and talent to work for the best studios in the business, and I hope he continues to.

  4. You gave me an idea though for a post on Elder Garrett and Elder Sorensen for later tonight. Twink,Twock,(or Twunk) Jock and Muscle How do I decide the label to use?

    The labels mean something different to pornfans depending on their preferences in young men. I see comments on Str8UpGayPorn about models that show that wide diversity of opinion.

    When Calvin Banks went to Cockyboys,Falcon and IconMale Str8Up readers kept referring to the ex Helix twink Calvin. I was thinking WHAT? We always labeled Calvin at Helix as a jock.

    Same when Sean Ford shot with Calvin readers on the other blogs said Twink on Twink, I and most Helix fans would say Jock on Jock (or Twock)

    Then you have the extremes from some fans when Brent Corrigan returned to Adult at Falcon what 3 years ago he was described as Porns most famous or infamous Twink!

    In my view Brent ceased to be a Twink at about 21 when he had gained by that point 30lbs of pure muscle since the time I first met him at 18 😉

    Maybe thats my problem, when you meet someone in the flesh well they look different than their photos or videos.

    I have Logan Cross on my mind his first scene is up on MormonBoyz and I encouraged Logan to apply there last January. He is total jock to me now, yet everyone still uses the twink label on him at all the other blogs.

  5. I wanted to answer second part of your question. MB has very intense shooting periods I think it was Elder Stewart (who I chatted with ) told me that he had shot just two shoot weeks that resulted in all his first dozen scenes.

    Logan Cross told a mutual friend of mine his shoot was also very intense and a lot of actual shooting was accomplished when he was there.

    Efficiency in shooting is something that’s important to all pornsites today, but especially at MormonBoyz with their long multi year story arcs.

    I think Peter (Sorensen) must have wrapped up this most recent shoot in the spring at MB because he went to Cockyboys right after.

    I will check into FamilyDick a bit more next week, I am just now seeing all the promo materials on this new site.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up on Logan at MB. I hope he gets a scene or two with the other young men.

    I think when the whole of the gay porn world looks at young men like Logan or Peter (or even someone like Max Carter), they put them in the “twink” category meaning not huge, not old, not very hairy, can’t roleplay as a father of another actor. I think when people who focus on the Helix, Cockyboy, or even Bel Ami side of the industry (mostly guys under 25 or so) see the same guys, they see finer distinctions between them and the truly twinky, those guys just past 18 who are cute, but skinny, and haven’t spent much time in a gym (the 8TeenBoy type, mostly, and some of the younger Freshmen.net guys). Hence the fact that 80% of the “Twinks in Shorts” aren’t twinks at all.

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