Every Boy Needs His Protein;Grayson Lange,Corbin Colby…Helix Studios

carried-away-001hx117_scene90_1600-1483840193Carried Away is the official Helix Studios title of this highly anticipated (shot in November) scene starring my fav twink pup Grayson Lange and well endowed stud Corbin Colby. I think the better title is the last line in the studio blurb Every boy needs his protein. When you see the photos here, the huge apparent size of Corbin’s claimed 8.5 inches (are we sure that isn’t 9 inches?) and Grayson’s small tight butt it seems impossible for the lad to have swallowed that cock!

The opening has to be the most unusual in recent memory Corbin walks up on the street running into Grayson who recognizes him. Grayson says he is going to grab lunch and it seems the word GRAB is all Corbin heard as he reaches over and picks up and tosses our brunette twink over his shoulder. Back to the studio bedroom both guys are in a very playful mood with some extended kissing and teasing. The size difference is not just about cocks, Corbin towers over Grayson physically this is a classic Jock on Twink scene that I think all Twink fans will love. Corbin is tender and sensual here and Lange certainly responds to the attention!

When its time for Corbin to slip that monster cock into little Grayson thats when this scene really heats up with a hard athletic pounding that Grayson takes not holding back at all as Corbin just splits him. This is with out doubt one of Graysons BEST Helix scenes and if they haven’t signed Corbin Colby at Helix to a contract they better do it SOON before half a dozen other studios grab him! This is one HIGHLY Recommended Helix Studios!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 4 1 half stars black

carried-away-010With a cock sure swagger, Corbin Colby is strutting down the street when he sees his buddy Grayson Lange; causing a primal lust in the stud to take over! He tosses the twink over his shoulder and carries him back to his lair. When Grayson gets his caveman’s pants down, his GIGANTIC cock nearly fills the room! Had he gone “full caveman” and hit the kid in the head with his “club” he would have knocked him out cold for DAYS!

That thing is a weapon! Grayson certainly does not mind when Corbin assaults his throat with the club. He loves every last inch…. andcarried-away-012 THATS a LOT of love. Lucky for Grayson, Caveman Colby is pretty great cock sucker as well. Then in an impressive display of dirty dominance, Colby swiftly pushes the twink’s legs up and dives tongue first into Grayson’s cave. Each gigantic hand covering one cheek and some leg to easily get in there good and deep. At this point there’s nothing Lange needs more than Colby’s cock.

Aiming to please, the stud stands up and drives his dick right in RAW. The horned up whore can take it all pretty quickly. He leans his head back and takes the pounding; every now and again looking up to get a gander at the monster molesting his man cave. When our top gets bottom boy on his side we see the huge thick vein under Mr. Colby’s cock that will baptize the boy later on.

Once Grayson gets on top, Colby grabs his cheeks and works him up and down, driving cock hard the entire time. Lange then launches his liquid love all over the tops six pack. Corbin’s balls have been heavy the entire time and as his boy requests, he lets loose his juice inside Grayson’s gaping mouth. Every boy needs his protein. See for yourself right now in Helix Studios!

carried-away-009 carried-away-011 carried-away-014carried-away-016carried-away-017carried-away-018carried-away-025Will Corbin’s 9 incher FIT?

carried-away-023carried-away-022carried-away-024Yes with a little hole stretching discomfort!

carried-away-026 carried-away-028 carried-away-030carried-away-032 carried-away-037 carried-away-038Watch Grayson Lange get Carried Away today on Helix Studios!

carried-away-029Buy Helix Studios latest DVD Triple Twink today!

hxm077_front_800Triple Twink
Release Date: January 1, 2017
Run Time: 118 minutes

Triple your pleasure in this tantalizingly tasty collection of twink treasures! Every scene is overflowing with THREE of the HOTTEST twinks on the planet. We’ve even added one or two healthy young jocks to help stuff their twinkies with a yummy cream filling! Three times as much action! Three times as much ass! Salads are tossed, cocks are gobbled and every hole is filled three times over! Hot young asses get double dicked, bare backed, flip flopped and even ride trains to pure squirting ecstasy explosions! Watch our tender young twinks get into some tasty trouble in these throbbing threesomes!



  1. All the photos show Corbin’s cock mostly outside Grayson hole, but in the video, it amazingly actually goes in all the way! Corbin is a surprisingly hot addition to Helix–they had a tendency in the past to bring on bigger jocks who weren’t particularly attractive. Corbin, on the other hand, has a sleek, muscled body that fits the Helix brand perfectly, even if he’s much more jock than twink. And he has a charming, playful attitude. Grayson has become one of Helix’s most reliably sexy stars, DPing recently and now taking the biggest cock at the studio (maybe Blake is longer, but Corbin is thicker–and has a warmer screen presence).

  2. As for Triple Twink, I’m sad to think this may contain the last scene Casey Tanner will do for Helix. I understand him not wanting to be in a scene with Blake, of course, but I hope he’ll come back to do scenes with Joey Mills, Noah White, Corbin of course, and some of the other fresh boys at the studio. Evan, Kyle, and Max are still going strong–I’d love to see more from another Helix original superstar. (Bring back Andy, too!)

    I saw some college wrestling today in person, and it completely explained to me why Tyler Hill has, by far, the best ass of all the Helix guys!

  3. Corbyn is one sexy jock too he was a HS Wrestler and following that has some MMA experience he certainly knows how to move his body. 😉 Scott I have been told that the photos are usually shot first with video following you might notice at times the photos do not precisely match what is in the video. That is why sometimes I screen-cap direct from the video. Alex and Casey have a very laissez Faire attitude on the actual sex scene so if the models change it up move around try a different position than say the photos they are not going to “direct them” That is very different from say Staxus or Bel Ami which tend to tightly control how a scene is shot and what the guys do in a video. So yes the Photos do not precisely match the video action

  4. As for Casey Tanner never say never he stepped away from porn and Helix after he and Conner Kline broke up. He actually returned to shoot at Helix AFTER he and Blake broke up the scene with Calvin Banks was post breakup at his request,

  5. Thanks for the insight, DeWayne. They released the Max/Blake/Casey scene after the Calvin one, so I didn’t realize it came after. It sounds like the Calvin/Casey scene was a “fuck you” scene in multiple ways! 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Casey’s return. And welcome back to posting!

  6. “It sounds like the Calvin/Casey scene was a “fuck you” scene in multiple ways” You have keen insight there as well Scott 😉

  7. Grayson is the best bottom along with Logan and Joey at Helix all very different looking too! I am curious why Corbin who sports such a huge woody bottoms on ColbyKnox? Seems strange to see that. He is a very talented top!

  8. It is amazing to see the photos where you get a nice sneak peek at the huge cock a model has, as it brings you to watching the scene.
    Casey has such a huge following and a Helix standard of time tested approval, lets hope he stays a while longer. I doubt anyone would say otherwise.

  9. I apologize for not commenting more. I am doing some remodeling and dealing with lots of cold temps and snow.

    Taking it from the top, Logan and Landon really did a nice job. I don’t recall seeing Landon before. Excellent work.

    Max and Nathan did something a little different…………………….stimulating. Nothing earthshaking in the scene, but if those two are in a scene I’ll be watching intently.

    Then there’s Grayson and Corbin; Grayson has burned a few holes in my brain during his time at Helix. He’s so very talented and attractive and he’s one of the guys that could sit there fully-clothed and read the Bible and I’d love it. Normally, the muscled guys don’t do a lot for me, but Corbin is a scorcher……………..more of Corbin.

    That scene with Brad and Wyatt was a serious heart-stopper for me. I’ve always loved Brad’s work and when he popped up with Wyatt I had to watch it over and over. I very much hope Wyatt makes more appearances.

    Grayson, Aiden and Jacob totally left me speechless…………..Masterful……………..and thank you Alex, Casey, Keith and everyone else at Helix:-)

  10. DeWayne, isn’t Helix’s 4-man bareback orgy enough to get you back to blogging? Or, if you still review Bel Ami scenes, Jim Kerouac’s seduction of Lars Norgaard/Lars’s seduction of Jim? Or Wyatt Walker’s hot bathtime with assistance from Max Carter? Max’s intense fuck of Nathan Reed? Helix Studios has been on fire lately.

  11. I was a day late getting to that one and short answer is YES 😉

    I have not been able to devote as much time recently which doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. I have been super busy. I added a couple new studio’s subscriptions back in December so had a lot of research to do.;-p

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