If you love tall thin twinks with large cocks well Flipped from 8Teenboy will be just what you want to see! Trevor Harris and Milo Harper start out with some enthusiastic cock slurping by both. Milo climbs on Trevor’s rigid cock for a good hard ride, before he decides he wants to fuck Trevor on his back. That doesn’t last more than 30 seconds though and Trevor is back to fucking Milo who busts while Trevor is thrusting away.

A quibble here I don’t think I would have called this Flipped considering how short the time Milo was topping Trevor. Hard to rate this one, if you love seeing Milo Harper taking dick then you will love this! If you wanted him to spend more time fucking Trevor then you will not care as much.Sex; 4 1 half stars blackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

We join Milo Harper and Trevor Harris after the boys meet at the beach. The tall, tight bodied twinks both toss their surfboards against the wall and turn their attention towards one another’s big bulges that caught their attention while they were catching waves. After a sweet salt water flavored make out session, Harper heads down south to free Trevor’s titanic torpedo.

Milo pulls the ocean blue boxer briefs down and Harris’ already hard boner bonanza bounces out right into his hungry mouth. Harris happily returns the favor and receives a proper face fucking from Milo’s massive uncut cock. Milo realizes he’s in the perfect position; and, if he just inches his beautiful bronze booty back a bit he’ll get an ass full of fuck from Harris’ huge hog.

The tight swimmer bodied boys both switch off, serving one another’s smooth asses tidal waves of bareback, butt banging pleasure before Milo’s arched ass in doggie style causes our surfers to catch their biggest wave! Milo looks back at his new butt buddy and lets him know he’s about to nut. Harris takes the hint and hammers the kid’s hole hard as hell, causing Milo’s massive meat to release a colossal current of cum all over the comforter. He bends over even more so Trevor’s tool can dig deeper. After a few more crucial ass smashes, Harris hoses the kid’s hole down, causing the sexy surfer’s crack to look like a raunchy white water raft ride.

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  1. Very hot video, and I love watching milo flip flopping as well.

  2. Great scene. Few things are more appreciated than two magnificently enthusiastic , slender and brutally attractive boys doing what comes natural. Milo and Trevor did such an erotic 18 minutes of twink, sex and they started my day out right. And, not to be neglected, Max did his part with this, as did the others that can’t be seen. What’s really incredible to me is that there are those among us who have the same passion for this kind of beauty and haven’t subscribed and savored it. My heartfelt thanks to all at 8TB.

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