FLOWER – A Matt Lambert Film..Helix Studios

hx119_scene23_1600.1498847832Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-007This is the Orgy you have always wanted to see on MTV!

Helix Studios presents an erotic exposé directed and filmed by Matt Lambert and featuring music from Pansy Division. Starring Blake Mitchell,Joey Mills,Sean Ford,Corbin Colby and Landon Vega.

DDmE5pVVoAA4gzU.jpg largeFlower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-008Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-009Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-010 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-011 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-012Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-013 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-014Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-016Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-017 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-018Don’t miss Flower by Matt Lambert only at Helix Studios!


  1. I think I liked this; how could I not? The models, of course, are all Helix Cream, it’s well-edited, erotic, the lighting is ……………..interestingly diverse, the video work is, as usual, technically perfect………………….It isn’t a kind of artwork I’m used to. If this and one of the Helix 5-star scenes were placed side-by-side and I had to decide which I’d watch first, I’d probably pick the 5-star scene. But, picking one over the other isn’t fair; they are two different things. After viewing young male porn for something over a half-century there are some things that I find most enjoyable, other than the models’ beauty: clarity, continuity and mostly predictable and identifiable action. While being incredibly masterful, this had little of those things. That said, “Flower” was excellent, leaving me wide-eyed with my mouth hanging open for 17 minutes.

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