Forbidden Fruits, Sc.3 A Staxus Threeway!

This new Staxus three-way stars new twock Dimitri who is getting a lot of attention from members, he is Mexican possibly the first on Staxus. Very Latin sexual which means he will contrast well with the Czech Lads. In this scene though you might think this is a Latin Fuck fest Jake Stark is indeed Spanish but Jarde AKA Jared Shaw the Flirt4Free Cam Star is Romanian (possibly Roma/Romani?) What really caught my eye besides the fact this is all jock (Dimitri might pass as a twock) and Staxus likes to mix in the thin twinks, members rate this a 4.9 and they are notoriously harsh on the Jocks!

The set up here for the three-way is simple. Dimitri and Jake are kissing on the couch when Jarde texts says he is running late so they start without him, they then have fun with a watermelon (normally I hate food in a scene but this was funny). Jarde shows up and the dynamic instantly changes, This hunky Romanian becomes the center of the other lads attention! Both Latins want to impress this hunk and show they are the best at servicing him. But this is Staxus 2018 where 3 years ago this Hunk would have been Czech all bored and stiff. Our sexy Romanian is all about tongue lashing and deep frenching the lads!

The Oral and rimming is so intense when Dimitri plants his ass on Jardes rock hard cock he seems in a race to beat Jake to the “pole position” Both Dimitri and Jake get some hard fucking from Jarde. The ending is the standout when Dimtri comes down gets his face near Jakes cock as Jarde is in a frenzy fucking Jake. The explosive cum facial on Jake Stark is one of the BEST HOTTEST and MESSIEST I have seen out side Bel Ami! (See Screen Caps below)

Easy Call full 5 Stars for this outstanding Staxus Threeway! Kudos to this amazing sexual Trio and to Director John Smith!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Video Preview

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Screen Captures

First things first – take note of the watermelon in the colander on the table at the start of this fantastic threesome. It may seem a bit of an innocuous addition to the film-set, and there’s every good reason that you’ll simply be relishing the sight of Dimitri and Jake Stark suck cock and snog each other’s faces off on the sofa; but believe us when we tell you that that innocent looking fruit is quickly transformed into the centrepiece of the action when the two lads decide to stick their schlongs into its fleshy pulp. What’s more, the kink doesn’t end there; with the two lads offering a slice of melon to their buddy, Jarde, when he arrives just a few minutes later, only to reveal their “trick” by means of a pic on one of their mobiles.

It’s a thoughtful, teasing intro for sure; and it’s one that sets the scene for the kind of no-holds-barred threeway that we’re confident pretty much every fan out there is gonna enjoy. After all, who couldn’t be transfixed by the sight of Dimitri and Stark literally fighting for rights on Jarde’s handsome ramrod? Or the almost beatific vision of Dimitri taking a ride on Stark’s shaft, before Jarde takes a turn at pounding the lad from behind? And then, of course, there’s the rapturous display surrounding Stark’s own sweet sodomy courtesy of the quiff-styled Jarde, whilst Mexican boy, Dimitri, gobbles away on his cock. All of which leads us nicely to the spunk-sodden finale, which leaves Dimitri’s face coated in a thick splash of pent-up cum; before all three spent lads lovingly enjoy the sticky fruit of their loins with a spunk-laden smooch. All in all, an instant classic!

Jarde the Sexy Romanian

Dimitri the sexy Mexican

Jake Stark hot Spaniard!

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  1. OMG this is a HOT scene.

  2. OMG, I love a fun 3 way, and these models pulled off a sexy hard core scene.

  3. Jarde who is Jared Shaw top new model in Europe! This was a hot and cummy one!

  4. Thanks Howard I was following him on Twitter but could not remember his name

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