Foreplay: An Angel Rivera Photoshoot…Helix Studios

Recently acclaimed Fashion photographer(Vogue) Alejandro Palomares shot Helix Studios exclusives Blake Mitchell and Angel Rivera. Tonight Helix presents the sultry Latin twock’s photo set and with 52 photos both color and black and white there is a lot of Angel here to like. I will post a few check the site for all of them and for Angel Rivera’s 13 scenes on Helix Studios!

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The Black and White as you might expect are cool and sensual..

The Color shots turn up the heat..

Final one is one of my Favorites!


  1. Loves these photo’s of angel, Alejandro Palomares has done it again.

  2. Yes I have been a Palomares fan for awhile now so glad Helix hired him, I hope we see more photo shoots.

  3. Hot Angel but I think he is El Diablo!?

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