Free to Experiment with Jamie Ray and David Rhodes…8Teenboy

Two 8Teenboy favorites blond hottie Jamie Ray and brunette dynamo David Rhodes are on hand for Free to Experiment. Both these teens are packing big dicks and this was a lot of fun to watch! Like almost every 8Teenboy I have seen this is a flip, seems Max Carter has made model versatility a job requirement for who he hires! That is not a bad thing  just an observation. Highly Recommended 8Teenboy!

After some heavy flirting at the park, new San Diego transplant (and horse hung hottie) David Rhodes works up some of that big dicked swagger to ask adorable blond Twink Jamie Ray if he’s got some free time to fuck! Its Ray’s lucky day and blond boy can’t contain his cock composure.

He’s on that monstrous meat in minutes, enjoying every olive hued, hefty, hung inch of delicious dick David’s workin’ with. Rhodes gets his slender bronze body on all fours and blows blondie like a champ, then orders the kid to “bring that ass over here,” for an incredible ass eating, schlong sucking 69 session! Rhodes orders Ray on for a ride and the kid slides his hungry cock cubbyhole down on David’s dong for a raw railing! David enjoy’s a full menu and isn’t shy about asking Ray to ram his tight twink hole.

Jamie jams his bareback jock inside as the horny twinks suck face and all the while, Rhodes rod points a north for the dick drilling duration. It’s no surprise that pretty boy Ray likes a dick deep inside that smooth derriere when he blasts off. The kid spits out “I want you to fuck me till I cum,” as he spins his beautiful bubble butt around and aims it at David’s goliath.

Turn up the sound for this section boys, because the beautiful ball slapping symphony is truly something special. David drills till he hits Jamie’s spot that lets the juice loose. Keeping his cock pleased between Ray’s slick cheeks, Rhodes explodes. He coveres the cutie’s cheeks with fresh cum that he swipes back and fourth between the boy’s slick, smooth cock covered crevice.

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Then the Flip…

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  1. This treat was waiting for me when I got home; the hospital had porn blocked from their wifi. Good scene and I think Max is making a nice move with the flip-flops. I couldn’t help like both boys; so next-doorish and lusty. Jamie’s braces add to the “twinkiness” and his natural beauty is glaringly apparent.

    I think this is David’s third scene. In addition to being a handsome young man, I like his manner of participation; he seems totally focused on the pleasure and intensity of the experience rather than displaying peripheral mannerisms that could be accused of being coached. I really do enjoy his work and look forward to seeing more.

    If I could come up with something along the likes of criticism, it would be maybe , a bit less body/leg hair. These are two really excellent twinks, and twinks are a big draw anywhere they are displayed or perform.

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