GayVN’s Award Show Fraud and Piracy EXPOSED!

Gay Porn insiders are all “a twitter” today over the major sting operation launched and revealed by Jet Set Men President Chris Steele that has exposed the fraud that was the GAYVN’s Awards!

The GAYVN’s for many years self-described as the pre-eminent Gay Porn Award’s have been enshrouded in controversy with many producers,performers,bloggers and fans openly calling the GAYVN’s legitimacy into question.

Many of the award nominations seemed tainted with eventual winners (in recent years) representative of one studio and their porn-models at Raging Stallion/Naked Sword.

This “taint” has been rumored for years and was common gossip amongst bloggers and ex-judges of the GayVN’s and their main competition in Gay Porn, the Chicago based Grabbys. This was readily dismissed by the San Francisco crowd as “sour grapes” since they were winning the lion’s share of awards.

Enter Jet Sets Chris Steele who was highly suspicious of the number of DVD screeners demanded by the GAYVN nominating process (50 copies per title) a hunch that many of the judges were not even opening and watching the screeners. Suspicion about the eventual “disposal of all that merchandise” and where they might wind up.

So cue the perfect sting completely harmless if Mr.Steele’s suspicions were unfounded.

They were not!

Jet Set Men’s Sr VP of Casting and Marketing Rob Romoni revealed today on Gay Porn Dirt, Chris Steele concocted a plan involving specially manufactured DVD’s that would expose GAYVN once and for all! And guess what folks they fell for it!

We now know no one at the GAYVN’s (judges or screening committee) watched a single Jet Set DVD title sent in to be nominated.

What is worse they sold the “planted screeners” to the retail store channel where beginning this May and June customers began calling a special JET SET PR phone number inserted at the half way point of the porno’s stating the DVD was defective (this was deliberate only half the porn video was present) and a FULL RETAIL copy would be provided if the customer contacted Jet Set.

Again the customers who where sold the pirated merchandise (a Screener is a review copy and may NOT BE SOLD) were the only people who actually watched the DVD’s!

So GayVN and their Awards have been exposed as Frauds,Liars and Porn Pirates of their own industry’s content!

DeWayne Helms

Read the WHOLE SORDID EXPOSE below and on Gay Porn!



Three years ago Jet Set Men’s head honcho Chris Steele became suspicious of the GayVN Awards 50 screener requirement after noticing that there were only about 32 reviewers listed in the 2008 GayVN Award Show program. Steele contacted then GayVN Editor, Harker Jones, and requested the magazine return all the over-stock from the screeners. Harker complied and the magazine returned a huge box of wrapped DVDs to the studio.

The following year the 2009 GayVN Awards had the same requirement, 50 screeners for each movie nominated had to be submitted to the magazine by a deadline or face disqualification. Again Jet Set Men complied and shipped approximately $13,500 (retail value) worth of screeners. Again there were only about 35 reviewers listed in the program. Steele contacted Jones and requested the magazine return all the over-stock only to be told that the DVDs had been “misplaced” and could not be located.

In 2010 the magazine dropped their DVD screener requirement for award qualification from 50 to 35 copies of each movie nominated. By this time Steele had grown very suspicious about the requirement and only opted to send 35 screeners of 2 nominated movies, JERSEY SCORE and GETTING LEVI’S JOHNSON.

After the magazine received the 70 screeners with a retail value of $3,500 they seemed dissatisfied with Steele’s decision to omit another title from consideration, STRAIGHT EDGE 4. A rep from the magazine contacted Steele and informed him that if he did not send the 35 additional screeners of Straight Edge 4 as required that the movie’s nominations would be “withdrawn.” Steele opted not to send any additional screeners regardless of the consequences.

You might think that’s where the story ends but it doesn’t.

What the magazine, the GayVN Judges and show producers did not realize is that Steele had 2 special DVD screeners made specifically for the GayVN Awards.

These two DVDs looked like regular DVDs, color printed and were shipped in wrapped cases. When placed in a player they had all the menus and options of a regular DVD but they only included half of the movie. Once these special DVDs hit the halfway point they dropped to a screen and froze..

You would think that Jet Set would have heard from one of the 35 judges right away.

Surely these “judges” actually opened and watched the movies right?

There was a deadline requirement and one of the movies was disqualified for not sending in the 35 screeners so surely the trust worthy people who produce and run the GayVN Awards, so prestigious that Showtime taped and aired it, surely this is not a rigged show designed to wrangle free product out of fellow studios right?

In today’s tough economy it’s hard enough to fight internet piracy much less have to worry about being ripped off by industry colleagues.

In speaking with Steele he says that he doesn’t know if the magazine sold the screeners or if the judges did but he is certain about one thing, “Not one person associated with the GayVN Awards ever noticed they only got half a movie.”

To date Jet Set has been contacted by three consumers who innocently purchased the defective DVDs that were only sent to the GayVN Awards as screeners in August of 2010. All three consumers paid retail and sent the receipts to Jet Set Men.

One turned up in a store in New York City, one was purchased in a Pennsylvania suburb, while the other one was purchased in El Paso, Texas. “It’s kind of ‘Where’s George’ now except with DVD screeners, we never know where we’re going to get one from next,” said Steele to Gay Porn Dirt.

This entire story makes you think that it really sucks that you have to keep one eye on internet file theft and another eye on people in your own back yard. Is it really fair and honest that a studio offers up dozens of copies for review for an expensive award show just to end up paying for it in the end when the consumer contacts the studio for a replacement?

Why would an award show potentially damage a studio by allowing screeners to be sold illegally? No matter who’s to blame, one thing is certain gay porn is a DIRTY business.

For all the winners of last years GAYVN Awards you might never get it so here is link to buy yourself one:

Reprint from Gay Porn Dirt.

Read the full story and responses on GPD



  1. Kudos to Mr. Steele for his sting operation and to DeWayne for running the story in his blog. I wonder if anyone is considering suing GayVN for fraud for their selling of review copies?

  2. DeWayne,
    I’am not surprised, it has been a long time subject among people.
    Who have mentioned the possibility of this happening.
    Thanks for those who exposed them, and thank you for putting it out on your blog for all to see. Maybe through honest reviews more companies who put out quality work will be recognized for their hard work. Let’s hope next years awards are a better representation of the work done at the different studios.

  3. Oh yes this has been “under the radar” and an “open secret” as long as I have been blogging Gay Porn (2007) The difference this time they were caught red-handed! TOTAL DISGRACE in my opinion!

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