Good Boy; Cody Wilson and Max Carter…SpankThis

New 8Teenboy performer Cody Wilson surprises us tonight with this new Spank This, the way he takes a bare hand spanking from the expert spanker Max Carter!

Good Boy is the debut of Helix Studios newest Director Cameron Parks who also edited this scene. An exciting debut with this new set of eyes from a award nominated young performer who has shown great promise in just his first year at Helix. The setup here, the voyeuristic way the camera moves, the concentration on Cody and Max’s faces during the scene is instinctual.

What a find in Cody Wilson who knew this young 8Teenboy had the mettle to handle a bare handed spanking from Max Carter! His expressions his facial contortions and squirming you know the lad is wondering “just what have I got myself into”! He seems barely able to take this as it gets harder and louder, he is riding the edge the whole last part of the scene. When Max asks Cody “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” ” fuck yeah” “you like it?” Fuck yes I do!”  Okay the boy impresses! Another master session from Max Carter who certainly has a knack for reddening young twink butts! Spanking; 5 Stars Black Video; 5 Stars Black

The sweet sound of spanking ass fills the air as we slowly sneak around the corner to find Cody Wilson bent over Max Carter’s knee receiving a hard hitting, rump rousing, posterior punishment. A few minutes in we find out Wilson ASKED for ass annihilation and Mr. Max makes sure he delivers, and then some! The slap heavy session starts with Wilson’s hot ass clad in black underwear but when that booty becomes beet red, Max gets his boy get naked to show off his hot handy work.

Wilson may have requested the spanking, but rest assured, Carter is the on in control. Leaving NO part of Cody’s bangin’ backside unscathed, Max spreads the boy’s bright red butt cheeks and gives his tight little hole some tenderizing. In a master move that’s hot as hell, Max makes Wilson reach back to feel the heat radiating off his own ass cheeks, which are a burning a beautiful bright red by now.

Although cute Cody requested the scaldingly sweet, backseat session, the boy is begging for mercy by the end and Mr. Carter is fresh out…. All he has is porn perfect punishment to offer today and Wilson gets the ass wailing of his life!

Check this Spank This today included with a Helix Studios membership!

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