Helix Mashup;Kyle and Max..The Hair and Global Warming Report

There is nothing more superficial than talking about hair but then that is the one item of personal appearance people obsess over more than anything else. California is the land of the overpriced Salon and their Hair Stylist artistes, anyone remember when President Bill Clinton held up air traffic at the worlds busiest airport (LAX) for two hours having his famous grey do re touched by a 250 an hour hairmaster?

So I was a bit amused reading Twitter this afternoon and Helix Studios Director Alex Roman live tweeting from the Salon where Helix Studios Blond Twink exclusives Kyle Ross and Max Carter were tempting the wrath of the Twink Porn gods err FAN’s, with a extensive hair re-do threatened.

No Worries while Kyle Ross went several shades darker and his hair now matches his eyebrows Uber Blond Max Carter went short and tight on the sides.

Thus a post was born… 🙄



Do the fans approve?

Before you answer I should warn you these Twinks know how to use a paddle on lippy fans! 😯

Meanwhile the Global Warming report from Idaho where new Helix Exclusive Jesse Montgomery is playing with his dog on GREEN GRASS in what seems to be 60 degree weather in December! And hot tubbing no sign of snow or ice?

What no dick pix?

Well of course I can’t pass up this opportunity to show some recent sneak peeks of upcoming Helix Sexiness!

Dallas Trenton was back in the House of Helix and riding Roman Daniels 9 inchs!

Kurt Summers was a welcome sight back in the studio checking out Romans Monster dick..

We have the models hanging out in the Helix Model Lounge..

Group shot (hover over pictures for caption)

The Boys did more than hang around the lounge some scenes were shot..

Thats all for now folks this post brought to you courtesy of the ever present camera’s attached to Casey and Alex Roman at Helix Studios.

And check out the new Solo with Jesse Montgomery

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    Kyle and Max can stop traffic anywhere they want.
    Modeling is a full time job and looking good 24/7 requires hard work.
    It’s worth the time to see these beauties.

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