HIT IT Joey Mills and Danny Nelson…Helix Studios

Hit It the new Helix Studios scene is a title that so describes young amorist Joey Mills who since moving to Las Vegas has been all Viva Las Vegas baby!  You know that Hookah pipe is packing more Ganja weed than tobacco, and the luscious young Danny Nelson is just the type of lithe athletic twink to get Joey into his TopMan mood! I might add if I noticed Danny Nelson in those cute jean shorts I would have them off and his legs in the air pronto! Well after a long drag off that bong err Hookah! 😆

The opening segment features moody music and some foreplay wordplay by the two chill lads
Danny; “You are doing this on purpose aren’t you?
Doing what?

Sucking on that it like that..should be illegal..
Joey; Well its not. Danny retorts “You!..you should be illegal”
Joey; Why do you say that?

What follows had me smiling with the excellent wordplay written by Taylor Saracen and Joey and Danny are so natural on the delivery. Both young men are into each other and the mood reminds me of my college days, this will be on repeat at my house for some time to come!

Kudos to Director Alex Roman and Casey Roman for the excellent smokey theme,lighting and videography! Joey and Danny certainly used the pipe to warm up for the oral lashing they unleash on each other before they get to the anal delivery of Joeys fat pipe to Danny! That results in one of Joeys best topping scenes in a good while with a hard wooded Joey trying every position from fucking a whimpering Danny doggy style,having him ride it (no small feat for Nelson) then Danny on his back while Joey slides and pistons him all the way in until he fucks the cum out of Danny!

Some may quibble that Joeys huge thick cock is never rock hard when he tops, I beg to differ it is here and when ever he starts to flag he changes position fast which is key to keeping wood when you are a big boy! So Satisfying to See HOW Good Joey has become as a TopMan in 2 years. Hope his fans agree! Check the Screen Captures BELOW the Video Preview! Sex; 5 Stars Black Video; 5 Stars Black

The best way to break the ice and throw caution to the wind with a buddy you’ve been wanting to bang has GOT to be having a relaxing smoke….. AND some heavy flirting!

Danny Nelson lets his inhibitions down and cuts to the chase with beautiful bud Joey Mills, telling him how sexy he is sucking on that PIPE! Mills takes another toke and Danny just goes for it, confessing he’s wanted Mill’s massive member inside him for a while!

Joey can’t resist the cute twink and the boys get stark naked in an instant! After wanting his best buddy for ages, naughty boy Nelson is on his knees worshipping Mill’s magnificent member, and shockingly taking the tube steak titan all the way to the testies! Mills returns the fellatio favor, gobbling Nelson to the nads as well! After a hearty portion of peen, Joey turns his attention to the teen’s tight, smooth, tasty tush.

Joey jackhammers the boy’s beautiful butt hole with banging fingers and a slamming, slippery good tongue fuck. This serves two purposes, to quench his hunger for hot teen hole, and to loosen up the tight twink before squeezing his HUGE hog inside. Our famous cock cam catches the erotic, bareback bone make contact, then slowly slip deep inside Danny’s deliciously sweet donut. Joey takes the twink on a juicy juggernaut of epic proportions, slamming schlong inside long and hard AND in multiple super porny positions!

He hits the boy’s beautiful booty from the back, takes the twink on a righteously raw ride and when he Nelson is finally on his back, spread eagle and open, Joey jams every thick inch he’s got into he tiny twink’s tight tunnel!

Danny takes it like a champ, opening wide for the big beast that’s hitting his hot spot every time Joey’s heavenly, heaving hips bang that bone base deep! Nut loving Nelson winds up covered in peter butter! Joey juices every orgasmic ounce of white gold from that gorgeous groin, then shoves his still spurting pleasure giver back in pretty boy’s freshly fucked pink pucker. WOW I guess I need to re-watch this scene after that pervy-licious write-up! Take advantage of the Helix Studios End of Summer Sale !

Screen Captures

Classic Joey Mills image!

Hit It Joey Mills tops Danny Nelson on Helix Studios

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  1. My views on this scene parallel those of Dewayne, in that having Joey and Danny paired in a scene that’s put together by Casey and Alex will invariably leave us, depending on where our appreciations lie, stunned, breathless, amazed or satiated; or (likely) combinations thereof.

    Mention was made of Joey’s member not becoming rock hard. For those that are less-informed, we are all different, and it’s a fact that our rock-hard phases vary, with the most intense and firm erections occurring just prior to ejaculation. Joey Mills is, as far as coruscatingly gleaming young men go, the rarest of the most exceptional, and the ratings and demand confirm it. I think the first time I saw him, my initial reaction was something on the order of “holy fuck o’dear”. Those focused narrowly on penis rigidity would do well to spend more time in real life.

    Danny Nelson is part of the Helix portfolio and has done over a dozen scenes, and in my opinion, all are winners. He’s a bit older than Joey. His excellent body is overshadowed only by his happy, enthusiastic and energetic bottoming, and just writing this evokes memories of his scenes with Cole Claire and Wes Campbell. He’s another of those models that make Helix and 8TeenBoy shine and leave this old guy warm and fuzzy.

    My feelings about the use of “harmless” substances (alcohol, nicotine and cannabis) by porn models, especially the youngest men, are no secret, and as I’ve stated elsewhere; the bong-smoking isn’t needed, nor did it enhance the quality of this really, really excellent scene, done by two scorching hot models. There’s enough use and advocacy of unhealthy use without promoting it here.

    That said, I’m truly appreciative of Danny and Joey’s display of young male sensuality in this excellent and erotic production.

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