Hot and Heavy: Corey Marshall plows Aiden Garcia…Helix Studios

Hot and Heavy is what Aiden Garcia (aka Andres the name everyone knows him by) get’s from jock stud Corey Marshall in mussy Helix Studios  scene. I say mussy because Aiden is always looking like he stepped out of a box all poised and perfectly coiffed and dressed. Corey gets Garcia’s hair mussed by the end and the Columbian twink panting by the end of this 5 star sex fuckfest! Kudos to Corey who is upping his game scene after scene and Andre’s you have never looked better,blonder or hotter in a Helix video! Highly Recommended!Sex; 5 Stars BlackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

Golden boy, Corey Marshall and big dicked Latin twink Aiden Garcia are truly a dream team. The dynamic duo open this scorcher sizzling hot, unable to control their cock stiffening chemistry while giving one another a good groping. Garcia feels Corey’s pulsing piece through his jeans and heads downtown to deep throat the big boy’s bulging behemoth.

Aiden gorges on groin while Marshall mashes his pretty mouth onto his meat with a helping hand before pushing the pretty boy onto the bed and returning the favor. The lusty leading man chokes down every thick, throbbing, uncut inch and even works Aiden’s nut filled nads. Full up on dick, our ass master has Aiden flip over so he can taste the twink’s smooth pleasure center while he’s on all fours. After eating his way to Aiden’s heat, our giant jock aims his weapon at it’s hot, wet target. Then, he eases that big, bareback battering ram inside.

The heated heartthrob hammers our Latin lust god hard; then, he keeps Aiden on his toes with sultry full in- full out thrusts that’ll leave you breathless. After a down right delicious dirty dogging, the muscled up young man maneuvers his boy wherever he wants. In full control, Corey crams cock inside Aiden as he eats mattress and then on his side before Garcia saddles up for a schlong slamming, seated ride.

Bottom boy gives us the vapors with front and back views, showing off his ample assets at each angle. Aiden bounces his butt hard on Marshall’s monster as his own ginormous jock stands straight up, sky high in the air. Reaching his pleasure point, he sits all the way down on that “D,” allowing his amazing ass to fill with cock completely before releasing the pressure, AND pleasure from his perfect piece. But, by no means is Aiden finished!

He keeps Marshall’s meat inside and starts up again, squeezing his sphincter and milking Corey’s cock for all he’s worth! Our titanium top pulls out and unleashes his load, covering Aiden’s crack before plunging back inside to fill him with spunk! Their golden, glowing groins look downright delicious drenched in white hot, sticky pleasure.

Check this Helix Studios scene today!

Check this Helix Studios scene today!

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