Hotter than Soccer…French Twinks Threeway

Three athletic  French Twinks on hand for some Soccer watching that soon turns into a threeway!

It’s currently the 2018 Soccer World Cup and on a hot summer afternoon Jules Laroche invited Gabriel Lambert and Erwan Lamour to watch a match. To avoid getting too hot, the three boys are wearing just underwear and while Jules seems passionate about football Gabriel and Erwan are terribly bored. Gabriel tries to steal the remote from Jules’s hands to turn off the TV and a fight breaks out.

It does matter if Jules wants to watch his match, Gabriel and Erwan will be embarrassed by him! The two beautiful twinks begin to kiss on the sofa and are soon hard in their boxers. At first Jules remains impassive to the messing arround of his two friends but when they start to suck he cannot resist joining them. Yes, there is some things hotter than soccer!

The three beautiful guys are jacking off, sucking and fingering each other and the atmosphere is really hot in the living room! Erwan and Jules share Gabriel’s big cock, swallowing his balls and glans alternately while fingering him. Our three twinks are super excited and they begin to fuck each other in a fuck train position. Jules pushes his huge cock in Gabriel’s ass while he penetrates the young Erwan. This pleasure machine is devilishly effective, especially for Gabriel who’s in the middle.

Erwan moans loudly and the rhythm of the fuck is varied. It’s sometimes Jules who pounds Gabriel, sometimes Gabriel who goes back and forth from the ass of Erwan to the dick of Jules. Gabriel and Jules then decide to fuck Erwan in turn. The twink, though already dilated by Gabriel screams as ever when Jules penetrates him and Gabriel pushes his cock and balls in his mouth to choke his cries. After Jules has spent all his energy to smash Erwan’s hole, Gabriel is taking over. Erwan is exhausted as anything, getting his butt and mouth filled and he will take in addition two facial cumshots, including one in the mouth.

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