Hunter Got Suspended for Losing his Virginity..BoyCrush(UPDATED VIDEO)

At his private Christian school with Principals son Oh yeah this is NOT hard to believe, I think we have a bad boy Twink here! Hunter Star makes his BoyCrush debut today and what a fine addition he is! Standout physical feature? Besides the lean young body Hunter has one of the biggest and best looking uncut cocks I have seen at BoyCrush in sometime. Yes I am all about aesthetics and some guys their cocks are described as big fat and juicy. Hunter Star ‘s dick is all that and downright delish to look at! Now we know why he always has that enigmatic smile he knows what he’s got!

Hunter Starr is a twenty-one year old California-native who comes to us thanks to his friendship with BC fan favorites Timo Garrett and Jackson Miller. He tells Andy about how he lost his virginity, which sounds like a scene begging to be shot for Teach Twinks! With his energy, cute face and even cuter ass (not to mention his uncut cock), you can expect to see more of him around here!

Video Preview‘s

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  1. Hunter is a sexy lil guy.. love that he’s also uncut, was the principle’s son was good at all in the sack?

  2. Hunter is a great addition to boy crush and all the affiliated sites of boy crush.
    Having a tall lean model with a big cock is my kind of wish for porn sites.
    Hopefully he will be around for a long time.
    Another rising star.
    Looks like good sex for all of us to watch.

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