In-Store Pick Up;Blake Mitchell Tops Angel Rivera on the Staircase! Helix Studios

Tonight in Helix Studios latest Blake Mitchell scene of 2018 after that horribly long hiatus Blake slips his monster cock into new exclusive Angel Rivera! The highlight after all the mutual cock sucking and Blakes rimming of Angels delish butt. The best part is the Spiral staircase so perfect for angles and its just sensual! Another winner for Blake and Angel who proves he can get the Mitchell Treatment and he is loving it! My verdict Angel slams that butt down on Blakes huge cock like a needy bottom should, no holding back. This is a very satisfying new video with two top shelf Helix Studios stars!

Kudos to Helix Director Alex Roman for getting those staircase shots the truly impressive one is direct over the stairs I dont know HOW he made THAT SHOT!

Sex; 5 Stars Black
Video; 5 Stars Black

Blake Mitchell is out shopping when he sees the hottest guy in the mall, Angel Rivera. He follows that bouncy butt to a clothing store where the guys chat and Blake invites Angel to the foodcourt for lunch where they get to know each other better. From then on their connection is clear through handholding and a playful romp right out of the mall to Mr. Mitchell’s place.

Clothes come flying off as soon as the door closes so the two horned up lads can finally get frisky! The heat is on and the make out session is hot and Angel can’t wait to get Blake’s bulging boner in his mouth. He drops to his knees and pulls at Blake’s tight black underwear, releasing his big battering ram and nearly getting slapped in the face with the wild weapon. The lust filled Latin hottie gulps and gags on Mitchell’s massive member, taking only one moment to catch his breath between big swallows of uncut schlong. Mitchell grabs his guy and steers his hot hiney toward a sweeping staircase.

Rivera’s rod is pitching a super sized tent in his “Trophy Boy” undies before Mitchell makes it disappear down his warm throat. Blake’s been wanting to get inside that amazing ass of Angel’s since the mall and although Rivera asks for a fucking, Blake says he’s got one more thing to do first. He spins the trophy muscle twink around, slaps his bubble butt and kisses every inch of the kid’s incredible ass while concentrating on the sweet center. Angel asks for more spankings and gets them in spades, along with a tease from Blake’s thick thumb.

Mitchell makes Angel say pretty please, then bulldozes his big bareback bone inside the boy’s hungry butt. Rivera braces himself against the regal staircase’s railing as Blake bangs the fuck out of him. He tries to keep a hand on his love stick but Mitchell is pummeling him to a perfect, porny pulp. So, he uses both hands to brace himself against the banister while getting railed raw and raunchy. Blake takes a seat on the stairs and orders our fantasy fucker to take a seat on his hog. Angel eases his ass back down on Blake’s perfect dick while stretching both hands across the grand staircase to get back to grinding groin like a pro.

Balancing beautifully, Rivera removes a hand from the railing and works his “nearly there” wang. He squirts a load of fresh cream onto Mitchell’s well muscled six pack. The hot thick liquid oozing down his torso sends Blake over the edge. He jumps up while Angel instinctively opens his mouth a few steps down from Mitchell’s monster. Blake blasts the beautiful boy in the face, getting most of his spooge in Angel’s pouty mouth. Mitchell grabs the gorgeous goo covered guy and plants a kiss on him, tasting his own hot load in the process.

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  1. What a great way to break in the new Helix mansion! It’s so good to see Blake back in front of the camera and he and Angel put on a performance that seems to be as much as an athletic event. Dewayne has said it all above and Angel’s taking every pulsing inch had me mesmerized, then he topped it off by eating the dessert. Great Scene.

    While I’m here, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Dewayne, the 8TeenBoy threesome with Ethan, Dustin and Adam lived up to and exceeded my expectations. For those among us with an appreciation of mind-numbing erotica performed by the best twinks in the business, this is something that should not be missed.

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