Introducing Landon Vega…Helix Studios

hx117_scene85_1074introducing-landon-vega-003New North Carolina Latin teen Landon Vega makes his Helix Studios debut tonight and he is riding Blake Mitchell’s 9 inches like a champ! Anyone who can handle The Mitchell Monster first time out is talented even if the lad does claim to be versatile in his studio bio. That is something to look forward to since the 18 year old is packing a thick 7.5 inches which I think looks more like 8, but Landon is only 5’6″ so Helix is probably right. Helix seems alone among the studios, they rarely inflate Penis size. Blake Mitchell has always been listed as 9 inches on his bio I think every other studio would have tried to claim 10 inches!

introducing-landon-vega-004Highlights of this scene include the opening interview of Landon by Blake which is revealing of both guys backgrounds, it feels like a natural conversation. When they get back to the studio Blake is pleasantly surprised at how thick Landon’s cock feels and he actually seems to struggle a bit taking it all in his mouth. Maybe Blake needs to take lessons from Joey Mills or Grayson Lange! 😛

Blakes overwhelming talent of course is knowing how to ease a guy onto his 9 incher and you soon see Landon slides right in, It looks like he is tight but this twink sure seems to have some experience, he is soon riding Blake like a veteran Helix bottom boi! The air fuck well that’s always one of my favorite positions if you have a powerful top who can do it. Blake finsihs by fucking the cum out of a now moaning Landon who spurts on his belly with Blake then spurting over Vega’s butt and sticking it back in. A VERY satisfying climax!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Blake Mitchell adores meeting new people, especially hot young twinks with great asses. Fresh from North Carolina and just 18, Landon Vega settles into Cali with one of our biggest tops! Sitting in a sunny field, Blake gets to the “bottom” of all Landon’s lusty fantasies; his coming out story, high school experience and the fact that he likes aggressive tops, hence this perfect pairing.

Throwing caution to the wind, Blake gets the lovely Latin up against a tree for an old fashioned park make out introducing-landon-vega-012session . As things heat up and the guys are unable to hide their growing groins, they move somewhere so Blake can unleash the full welcome wagon. If Master Mitchell is impressed with your cock size…. you DEFINITELY got a big dick!

The new kid is packin’! Like a dog with a bone Blake goes IN, welcoming the entire width with wet lips. Newbie devours Mitchell’s massive member like the 18 year old cock crazed twink he is, and the kids got enough ass to back all that dick up too! Spreading it open like a best seller, Blake taste tastes his next destination.

Bracing the boy with a confident order, top man Mitchell tells the twink where to sit. The boy knows it’s the best seat in the house and acts accordingly AND…. Condom free. Always the gentleman, Blake makes sure to give his new friend an amazing reach around. This boy was made for movies, even as his eyes glaze over and he’s drunk on cock the newbie makes sure he gives us the good stuff. He opens EVERYTHING wide for the camera.

In an epic top man moment, Blake blasts his bottom’s ass standing, legs strong and sinewy. It’s pure porn poetry as bottom boy jacks his giant junk while Blake blasts butt as they cum into the home stretch! Putting his stamp on the new kid, Blake busts all over and IN Landon’s lovely loins, welcoming him to the Helix family the best way we know how.

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  1. Landon Vega is off to a great start! What a magnificently attractive young man and a model that leaves us breathless……………or at least gasping. I really hope he’s done more than one scene before he migrates back to the southeast. The scene was really enjoyable for me and it all started with Blake’s interview. Speaking of Blake……………I can’t add any more to his kudos and credentials. Not only is he devastatingly hot, but he’s an accomplished professional whether he’s doing the interview, acting or during a sexual performance.

    While I’m here, I think a few words need to be said about the “Peaches and Cream” scene with Joey Mills and Wes Campbell. Holy fucking crap that was hot!!! …………..everything about it sizzled. Thank you Wes, thank you Joey, and a big hug to Alex for that gem. I’d also like to extend my personal thanks to all the behind the scenes guys; while your faces aren’t displayed, your talents make Helix the best of the best.

  2. Hi Sonlover yes I loved Peaches and Cream! and that post will be up later. I have an explanation post as well I haven’t made a DiSD post since Nov 26 my main desktop burned out day after Thanksgiving. I ordered a new Dell (what better day to buy than Black Friday?) 😉 which was then delayed in arriving came Tuesday and takes me a couple days to get everything set up the way I want.

    While I might have been able to post here using my phone or ipad the reality is that is a beyond tedious way of doing blog posts. I didnt say anything on Twitter either because the last time I had a PC failure (2010) and made an announcement here on my Blog I had an nefarious little Hacker trying to get into the blog.

  3. I was getting worried about you Dewayne I follow you on twitter where I see you are active I thought you gave up on the blog. I prefer blogs to social media please do not leave us was what I was hoping!

    Good to see you back here and I would be at a loss with out my PC as well.

    I must add Blake Mitchell is one of the best tops in porn today one of the few truly large dicked men who gets truly hard. Uncut is a plus as well even if we Brits see uncut cock everywhere 😉

  4. Dewayne, I’m glad your back. I just wanted to say how I enjoy your reviews.
    These models are sexy with there six packs and big cocks, where do they find these guys. Helix is the best filming them.
    Thats a bottom line.

  5. I also had a computer failure and now have a new Dell………… far, so good. I was starting the first stages of concern when your blog suddenly stopped. Winter is here……………..buried in snow…………..cold………………road trip in April, into the warm southwest.

  6. DeWayne, I hope you have things worked out with your new computer soon. I’m looking forward to more posts in 2017! I’m happy to see Landon Vega bring some more Latino representation to Helix.

    Now if they could just find an Asian or part-Asian boy to add to their harem. I can understand not wanting to stray too far from the “Helix look”, but it seems to me like a smooth, twinky or twunky Asian boy with beautiful eyes and a sweet smile would be on-brand for them. Surely there are lots of fine-looking American guys with some Asian ancestry they can choose from. I don’t know whether the company has chosen not to go that direction, or if they’re just not getting applicants. I’d like to see them encourage applicants through their Twitter feed, at least.

  7. Yes will have some posts today, I decided to go full bore after my desktop went and did a complete reinstall of windows and upgrades on my laptop. Looks like everything is a okay now.

    I agree Helix needs a good Asian Twink now!

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