Introducing Luke Wilder; with Cole Claire…Helix Studios

Sir Luke Wilder is how Helix Studios newest jock sensation style’s himself on Twitter. Very apt description, this local surfer and future Fire-fighter strikes me as a knight ready to rescue all who need help! Picture him in a neoprene wetsuit or polished armor both work to describe this 4th generation San Diego native! Cole Claire what can I say the boy KNOWS how to pick them! (Cole’s former boyfriend was Zach Taylor from Helix and numerous Porn-Studios)

Personally from the moment I spotted Luke and Cole hanging out this past summer and attending Taco-Tuesday locally with the crew and models, I was hoping that Luke might agree to at least consider shooting for Helix. The opening interview explains it all from how they met each other on Grindr (Cole says Luke initially blocked him) to Luke finding out Cole was a porn star. They were dating a while before Cole even broached the subject of Luke shooting a scene. Luke reveals he told his parents he was going to shoot some porn and they were accepting!

Screen Captures (Means I LOVED this!)

Luke has been happy with his Helix experience and in talking to him this past Tuesday he seems excited to shoot more at Helix! Today’s scene will be a favorite with anyone who loves muscle jock on twink, something about the size difference is so hot to see because you know they have real chemistry and sexual history with each other, this has none of the sometimes awkward fumbling about getting to know you vibe of so many porn scenes. I loved the air fuck but my favorite part was when Luke is licking Coles chest and pits just eating him up delish dish!

My take this was likely a fast and furious shoot with very little editing or camera stops needed! Easy call one of the most anticipated scenes since Summer is a strong 5 Star scene and we can safely add Cole Claire is one of the BEST new Twinks of 2017 at Helix Studios!

Sex; 5 Stars Black

Video; 5 Stars Black

Luke Wilder is a sexy surfer and a fresh piece of manly meat cute twink Cole Claire has brought to Helix Studios. The guys discuss their first few meetings through Grindr with some funny stories and you can totally tell there’s great chemistry here. Since the pair have a real world sexual history, Luke feels comfortable going deep with Cole, they even chat about meeting the parents! Luke talks about being bi, his love of twinks and his favorite sex acts before whisking Cole away in his muscled arms.

Wilder takes control and we know from experience Claire absolutely loves to be manhandled. The boys go back and forth blowing one another before Cole takes a seat right on Luke’s handsome face. The happy hunk smiles and says, “my favorite.” He ain’t lying! This man goes IN on Cole’s hole, tongue punching the kid’s pretty pink pucker as he caresses the twink’s plump, smooth cheeks.

Claire has a mouth full of cock, working the sexy surfer’s luscious long board and diving deep on that dick. Wilder orders his boy to slide around and sit on his cock. Cole does as he’s told and a bareback bang of epic proportions ensues. Luke spreads Claire’s can and pile drives his dick up inside before wrapping his well worked out arms around the kid to lift him in the air for an incredible acrobatic bang!

Wilder’s chiseled frame flexes while fucking Claire in the air. He keeps his hands on the boy’s beautiful butt for balance while Cole uses one hand on his man’s shoulder to stay up right but the other he can’t seem to keep off his own cock. Luke finally lays the tasty twink down but keeps delivering dick sensing his boy is about to bust. He’s right, Cole creams long and hard covering his smooth milky flesh with a fresh load. Luke ads to that tasty twink topping with his own hearty helping heaved from his dick directly at Cole’s hole. Yummy Finish!

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Time for the Air-Fuck and of course Luke has Stamina!

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  1. Well, I had the feeling this was going to be a really good scene; it is, and then some. It’s the first scene I’ve watched with Luke-he’simpressive; I think he’s a natural, especially with Cole. As for Cole; I’ve run out of superlatives for him. He’s brutally attractive and performs at a natural intensity that places him solidly on that plateau reserved for the best of the best.

    And while I’m here, the scene with Ashton Summers and Gabriel Martin is worthy of mention; more than just worthy. The young men covered all the bases and did it with such eroticism……….I watched it over and over and it deservedly joined the small group of my favorites, with the excellent, creamy and tastily-savored happy ending. More of these guys, please.

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