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Newest 8Teenboy Milo Harper makes his debut tonight in a torrid flip-fuck with Jared Scott, check this Chaturbate cutie out today!

Milo Harper is a hot and HUNG 20 year old who’s new to 8Teenboy! Join him during his first fuck here with fellow groin gifted guy Jared Scott. Before the boys get to bangin’, the pretty pair tell us they’ve been hanging out with for a while off camera cuddling and chatting but are now ready to take it to the naughty next level AND they’re letting us watch!

In the erotic pre-interview Scott is salivating just talking about Harper’s huge uncut hog! The mostly top twink is so amped up about the kid’s amazing appendage he may flip flop with his new fuck buddy! You can tell the wonderful wank worthy wanderlust has been building in these boys for a while the moment they get in the bedroom. They’re drawn together like two massive meat wielding magnets inhaling one another in every way imaginable. Clothes fall away as the guys suck face and fondle their bulky boner’s bulging down below.

Milo makes a meal out of Jared’s giant jock before getting his legs tossed over his head and THEN his salad TOSSED! Jared jams a finger in the tiny twink’s tight hole before breaking in his back door with his big bareback battering ram. Harper takes the hot hammering like a pro while working his humongous uncut cock. Scott’s been eyeballing the big rig while ramming the boy and he’s definitely dicknottized. He can’t control his carnal urge to climb on the colossal cock and take the top of the line torpedo for a spin.

He jumps up and down on Harper’s dynamic dick, his own pole bouncing around with pure pleasure. Not used to having such a big rig in his rump, Scott slides back behind Milo to serve the kid a second helping of meat. Then, Jared orders his new plaything onto his back to gain some groin slamming traction and tears into the kid’s tush setting Milo’s member into full on sprinkler mode. The olive skinned sexpot blasts his taut six pack with a white hot load of lust causing a chain reaction in Jared’s jock.

The big dicked dude whips out and hoses Harper down, blasting the kid with fresh, piping hot cream absolutely everywhere! The cum shower goes on for a gooey good while, sailing far and wide right up to Milo’s mug! Harper’s tan skin is absolutely COVERED in cum and looking luscious as Scott goes in for one more sensual and deeply satisfied kiss.

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  1. Like I’ve commented before, anything Jared Scott does is at least gold-quality and this time he’s moved it up just a bit. The connection between Jared and Milo is apparent and sets this a little apart from some other scenes. I think Milo Harper just displayed a uniqueness that I’m not sure I can put a finger on; Maybe it’s his shyness, or his eyes, but in any event, the two young men did a scene worthy of 8TeenBoy.

    I’ll not dwell on the erotic high points of the scene because it’s my belief that for the true believers this is something best viewed over and over to glean all of the sexuality, from the first kiss to the last and all of their creative uses of appendage and orifice.

    Also, it’s good to see Dewayne back, and, my visit to Taco Tuesday only resulted in a solitary sampling of most of the taco menu, and missing meeting Tristan Adler because of an expired parking meter. Maybe next year.

  2. Both boys dicks are so thick! Hottt!

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