Introducing Spencer Locke…8TeenBoy

Spencer Locke already has a scene on 8Teenboy so this must have been the first one shot. He is paired with Nicholas Romero in what is sure to be a favorite scene. Check this 8Teenboy today!

Spencer Locke is fresh as fresh can be and beautiful bottom boy Nicholas Romero has the honor of getting to know our new 18 year old country boy from upstate New York. He finds out the dreamy teen from the sticks isn’t as vanilla as one might expect! Spencer shares it ALL and DEFINITELY isn’t shy in front of the camera!

He discusses his appetite for outdoor sex along with his willingness to try anything as his fun, feisty personality pulls you in. The new sexpot’s chiseled features, smooth toned body and rock hard cock don’t hurt either! Naughty Nick rolls out the wet, warm welcome wagon for Spencer’s super suckable schlong.

After getting a grade A knob job from our lusty latin, Locke lunges face first into Romero’s rockin’ rear end. Our newbie has a cocky confidence about him while he controls Nick’s cock hungry hole. Locke starts off with his teasing tongue before moving on to a few well aimed fingers. After teasing his tush just a bit, Spencer moves on to the main corse of bareback, country boy cock. With a sexy swagger well beyond his 18 years, Locke lays into Romero’s righteous rump with expert precision.

The delicious deviant dishes out a few ass smacks along the way, letting Nicholas know his ass has been owned. Locke’s luscious body is long and lean, like a toned track star who can go the distance…. and boy does he!

The naughty newbie tears into his tiny twink bottom like a pro and doesn’t let up till he’s pushed every ounce of cum from Romero’s throbbing rod! After satisfying his sex toy, Spence stands up and aim’s his wet, white hot army at pretty boy’s thirsty throat. Nick opens wide, welcoming our sexy new guy by swallowing every ounce he can gobble up before the pretty pair finish with a sticky sweet kiss.

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  1. If I had to rate this scene on a scale of 1 to 5, I’d be greatly embarrassed to give it ONLY a five. I’ve always enjoyed Nicholas Romero’s work and it’s obvious that he enjoyed this job because at 21:23 in the scene while he’s being done hard and deep by Spencer Locke, he smiles and nods his approval to someone off-camera. That little seal of approval made this even greater. To fully appreciate the erotic intensity and incredible model-beauty of this, one needs to do the right thing and get a subscription. After the preliminary kissing and Nicholas orally servicing Spencer ’til he was granite-hard, Spencer announces that it’s time to dive deep into his Partner’s hole and go to work. And work he does, culminating with Nicholas’ creamy load…………No spoiler-alert here……These two models put on a performance that will be scorched into the viewer’s memory permanently. My thanks to 8TeenBoy:-)

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