Jayden Grey is ready for Folsom!

Such a gorgeous full size photo of Pornstar Jayden Grey ready for Folsom weekend must be shared far and wide! Enlarge to full 1600X size and note the careful workmanship of Jaydens Leather Jock. Inspect the fine design of interlocking rings and leather.. OH HELL just STARE you can see EVERYTHING but his cock!

This is what Spiderman would wear as imagined by Tom of Finland!

Can you imagine Tobey Maguire having the guts to wear this?

Hell how many pornstars? A handful maybe!

Only Jayden Grey would have the balls (YOU CAN SEE THEM) to wear this at Folsom!

Good Job Jayden! Pornstars RULE!


  1. oh my the hotness you seriously must stop that now

  2. OMG Jayden from Collegedudes? Citiboys? Fucking RIPPED and SHREDDED!

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