Jerry Ford breaks in(Fucks)Newbie Tom Faulk..Collegedudes

I noticed Tom Faulks solo earlier in September and he instantly reminded me of the stereotypical Cali Surfer boy all blond,rippled abs,perfect V,treasure trail and one perfect aquatic themed tattoo. This is what Collegedudes said about Tom then..

“At only 18, Tom has a beautiful toned torso, washboard abs, a laid-back surfer attitude, and a sexual appetite that is out of this world. Tom is not the least bit shy, and starts enjoying giving us the show. He gets down onto the bed and humps it like a wild man before getting back up onto all fours and giving us a peek at his juicy freshman asshole. Tom is the total package, and he knows it. As he leans back onto his elbow, his stroking becomes more vigorous until he cannot hold it any longer. Tom lets out a heavy sigh as he shoots a creamy load of teen man-juice all over himself.”

Whew! So what a pleasant surprise to see him bottoming in his first Collegedudes fuck scene with the ever studly Jerry Ford slam-fucking the lad! ”

CD adds..

We are so excited to have Tom Faulk back for some hot man-sex! Jerry Ford gets to tap Toms beautiful ass first, and what a hot time these two studs have together. Tom and Jerry make out, rubbing up and down each others toned bods, then Tom eagerly goes down on Jerrys uncut cock, slurping it up, licking it all over, and even deepthroating Jerrys monster.

Jerry returns the favor, and as he is giving Tom a hot BJ, Jerry starts playing with Toms hole. Tom starts writhing in pleasure as Jerry plays with his ass. Soon enough Tom is pressed against the wall as Jerry is pounding his sweet ass. The fucking is intense, but Tom takes to it like the stud that he is.

Once Tom is nice and loosened up, he rides Jerry like a champ, and Jerry is enjoying Toms ass. Jerry puts Tom on the bed and fucks the cum out of Tom. Tom opens his mouth and awaits Jerrys juicy load right in his mouth. Jerry dumps a huge load of jizz into Toms mouth and kisses him, satisfied with this extremely hot encounter.

Hot Fuck!

[media id=862 width=600 height=368]

OMG Tom is sure to be a Collegedudes Favorite!

mmh Surferboi Butt!

Oh yeah Surfer Tom knows all about riding and staying on TOP! Perfect form BTW

Here is Toms debut gallery from early September!

[nggallery id=799]

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  1. Love to see Jerry making sure a bottom gets it good.

  2. I watched this amazingly hot video on College Dudes. I can’t decide if I like Tom Faulk’s ass, pecs, guns, abs, dick, or face best. All I know is that I can’t get enough. The rim scene is legendary 🙂

  3. I agree Lane Tom is an amazing find no matter how you measure him CD NEEDS to make him Exclusive NOW!

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