Jimmy Andrews Returns to 8Teenboy and Brian Gibson gets him!

What a shocking surprise tonight’s 8Teenboy was for me. Jimmy Andrews the fondly missed Twink stallion at 8Teenboy returns after a 11 month absence to check out newboi Brian Gibson in this torrid flip-fuck! Jimmy is looking mighty fine after a year away and the scamp didn’t even hint to me in a twitter chat in late August that he might make a return. Indeed Director Max Carter,Brian Gibson and owner and friend Keith Miller kept me in the dark. Well its exciting to be genuinely surprised sometimes I feel like a fan at heart and Jimmy remains a DeWayne favorite among the first generation of 8Teenboys and Brian Gibson is the rising star of 2019! Good choice to pair these two you will not be disappointed! Check 8Teenboy this week! Sex; 4 1 half stars blackVideo; 4 1 half stars black

Twink Fan favorite, Jimmy Andrews has been gone since fall of 2018; but, he’s back, and that thick twink dick is looking better than ever! Here, he has a perfect pairing with new boy on the block, Brian Gibson. Andrews has always given a big dick-dom vibe; and, we’re happy to say the sexy superstar’s still got it. Anxious to show Andrews his skills, newbie Brian teases the twink titan’s tentpole over his bro-tastic boxer briefs, before pulling his overstuffed undies down and cramming his mouth full of cock.

Brian has his work cut out for him with this jumbo jock; but, our boy helps him out with a hand to the head, AND a little nipple play for good measure. Jimmy may be young; but, he’s got big cock confidence, and lets Brian know exactly what he wants. And, what he wants is to suck Gibson’s dick. He strokes the young stud’s uncut cock as Brian straddles his handsome mug to deliver an amazing face fucking.

Andrews cups the boy’s bubble butt as Gibson reaches back to stroke his massive meat. He even has to use two hands towards the end! Full up on cock, Andrews orders the boy onto his knees for a cheek spreading, ass eating, complete with a hand job through the legs, and some finger fucking.

Gibson lets the tatted twink know he’s ready for his thick dick; so, Jimmy pulls the pretty boy back by the hips and thrusts that big beast deep in his butt. Andrews absolutely assassinates that ass, splitting the boy’s beautiful bubble down the middle with hard hammering strokes from his oversized appendage.

Jimmy controls the cock hungry dude with a dominant hand to the throat, but softens the beefy bone blow some sloppy good kissing. Not wanting Brian to miss all the fun, Jimmy jumps on Gibson’s juicy jock, but keeps him in control. He holds the tight bodied twink by the wrist as he hikes up on his heels for a harder, deeper dicking. After an incredible ride, Andrews hops off to finish what he started. He maneuvers his pretty play thing around, slides behind, then takes the boy to pound town once more! Brian strokes his uncut cock right at the camera as Andrews keeps pounding that perfect posterior.

Soon enough, bottom boy starts breathing heavy; then, he reaches for that uncut cock and creams all over the covers! Andrews keeps right on pumping and pounding his piece till his nuts tighten. He whips out and busts buckets all over Brian’s backside! His huge load is spewed all over one cheek, along with the twink’s taint; then, it starts to stream down that delicious donk, making its way to his well worked hole. Check this 8Teenboy today on a 3 Day Trial!

Jimmy is the master at rimming!

Brian has some of the best faces while getting fucked of any 8teenboy!

Yes this is 8Teenboy so we have some flip-fucking!

Check out the Taylor Coleman photo shoot on 8teenboy by photographer AJ Ford.

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  1. Jimmy and Max kept everyone in the dark. Less than a month ago he said he was “thinking about” filming for Max, and suddenly he’s here in a scene with Brian. “Blond Bust” is a wonderfully erotic scene; it’s really well done in every respect with two of our favorite models. Max is always full of surprises, which adds to his dominance in the industry and 8TeenBoy’s unparalleled boy -erotica.

    Taylor Coleman’s photo shoot was enjoyable, but more photos would be nice. Taylor’s incredible beauty doesn’t seem to have a limit. What more can be said about a Model that leaves all but a few others in second place. Anything Taylor Coleman does leaves the day with sparkles.

    I think Trevor Harris is also deserving of some accolades. Not only is he a stunningly handsome young man, but his over two dozen 8TeenBoy scenes, each and every one, are sterling examples of how young-male porn is done.

    Someone else that grabs my attention is Trent Olson! I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do, and do it with a scorching sexual intensity and all-encompassing, soul-ripping beauty that leaves me shaking my head.

    And, I think we all are grateful for the really excellent work by 8TeenBoy’s current crop of models be their names Sebastian, Miles, Chase, Paxton, Riley, Jack, Kurt, Cody or so many others, when their talents are combined with those of Max, Jill, AJ and Trillian the result is twink-porn at its best.

  2. Jimmy looks so good no change at all sexy as ever! Good scene with Brian Gibson my new in lust for twink!!

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